You might have heard of the debate between interior hollow core doors versus solid core ones. Essentially, the debate comes down to what the functionality of the door will be and the budget to be allocated.

For instance, if you need interior doors that will be able to soundproof certain areas, then you should probably opt for solid core doors.

However, hollow core doors are not without their charms. While they may not be able to soundproof your rooms quite the same, they are significantly more budget-friendly and come in a wider variety of styles and materials than their solid-core counterparts. In addition, they are easier to install given they weigh considerably less.

If you are thinking interior hollow core doors might be the choice for you, then let’s take a sneak peek into the manufacturing process and style options!


The hollow core door has four main components; the frame, tile, slab, and of course, the hollow core. The frame of a hollow core door is made of solid timber, which allows the door to be hung in wall openings on hinges – the small connectors that make a door able to swing open and close!

The style is placed on the inside of the door and provides a solid block where door hardware like handles or knobs are to be installed. The style is then covered with the slab of the door or the part of the door that is most seen by the user and guests. This slab can be molded or paneled to create specific styles; like traditional, coastal, or modern. In many cases, it also comes in wood grain textures to mimic the look of solid core doors.

The final component of interior hollow core doors is, of course, its hollow core. Essentially, the inside of the door is stuffed with extra paper or a honeycomb pattern made from cardboard. This allows for the door to weigh less while also giving the slabs something to sit on.

Style Options

Now that you know what goes into the creation of interior hollow core doors, let’s take a look at the various style options available.

The hollow core door is so easily customizable that it can be found in basically any style you could imagine. Looking for something traditionally inspired? There are hundreds of choices that include beautiful paneling, either raised or flat. Want something more modern? Hollow core doors can also be found in flush finishes, which are perfect for elevating modern spaces.

If you’re looking for something fancier than just your typical wooden door, then that isn’t an issue either. The hollow core door can be found with options for glass or privacy panels, which are perfect for spaces like pantries, closets, or even bathrooms depending on the location of the panels.

No matter what style of home you have or want to create, there is sure to be a hollow core door that is the perfect fit.

Here at Northeast Building Supply, we carry a variety of interior hollow core doors to fit all styles and budget needs. If you’re ready to start your search, visit our website by clicking here and then scroll down to find the product catalogs featuring the types of interior doors from the manufacturers we sell.

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