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Serving the building community since 1868

Headquartered in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Northeast Building Supply began in 1988. The company is owned and operated by former real estate developers and investors Jan Cohen and Arnie Foster. Cohen and Foster merged several leading Connecticut building material companies, each with its own unique and rich history, into what is known today as Northeast Building Supply.

A brief history

Company Founders, Arnie Foster and Jan Cohen, formed an investment company in 1983. The Investment Company first venture into the Building Supply industry was their purchase of Bridgeport Lumber Co. Inc., May 1988. Since 1988 businesses acquisitions were added: 1993 Weed & Duryea Lumber and Home Center, 2005 Northwest Lumber & Hardware, 2015 Architectural Building Components, and in 2016 Sip’s ACE Paint and Hardware was added to the family of businesses.

Since September 1997 all the companies have been owned and operated under one family of businesses known as ‘Northeast Building Supply & Home Centers, LLC ’ (NBS). Our Company is focused on supplying the professional building trade, architects, and home improvement industry with quality products and services. Our focus is not just words; we must take it seriously and earn it each day.

When Bridgeport Lumber Co. Inc. was purchased in 1988, Arnie and Jan had no prior experience within this industry. They learned by performing each job in the Company alongside those six employees who were the total work force at the time. Customer service will come first, that is our Core Value. Our Code of Conduct is honesty, integrity, and to provide our Customer the experience they deserve.

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