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Aluprof Aluminum Windows

MB-70HI is a high performance and fully integrated window system. Due to the specially designed polyamide break and extruded gaskets that are incorporated into the aluminum profile, it offers excellent thermal insulation performance.

MB-Slimline window system has a small-width aluminum profile and can greatly replace the old-style windows, made of steel profiles and maintain a similar appearance from the outside of the construction, while significantly increasing the thermal insulation.

MB-Ferroline enables the fabrication of various types of highly resistant, inward opening windows, outward opening windows, and fixed windows with excellent water resistance, airtightness, and sound insulation performance.

• The company is a leading producer of aluminum systems in Europe, with branches in many European countries. We purchase all products from the authorized manufacturer, Ital East Corp. They are a suite of European solutions and offer an additional support system for Northeast customers.
• Arcadia’s steel line is based out of Tuscan, Arizona.

• Their thermal aluminum doors and windows are manufactured in Stamford, Connecticut. As a customer, you can visit their facility.

• State-of-the-art patented thermal steel iCore technology combines world-class machining and laser-cutting technology to create products that boast exceptional energy efficiency and a smooth, seamless finish.
• Centor is a family-owned business. It was founded by German engineer Frank Spork in Brisbane, Australia in 1951.

• Constructed from thermally improved aluminum, Centor doors and windows will last a lifetime, thanks to their industry-leading paint process.

• Centor’s luxury bi-folds and retractable screens & shades let you enjoy open-plan living while controlling bugs and glare with just a fingertip.
Cortizo Sliding Doors

Cor Vision sliding system is available from one to six sashes and with single, double or triple tracks, the Cor-Vision provides a slimline sliding door for most residential projects. With glass thicknesses up to 30mm, these doors only come double glazed.

Cor Vision Plus sliding system goes wider and taller and with greater weight capability. It has excellent thermal performance and high acoustic insulation. Cortizo offers a motorized version that is activated by remote control. There are drainage solutions for exposed areas and has the possibility of sashes embedded inside the wall. This plus model offers glass up to 54mm thick, meaning you have triple glazing options.

• The company is known for being the first manufacturer and distributor of aluminum and PVC systems for the architecture and industry sectors in Spain, as well as one of the sector's leading companies in Europe. We purchase all products from the authorized manufacturer, Ital East Corp. They are a suite of European solutions and offer an additional support system for Northeast customers.
• Founded in 1947 in Québec, Canada.

• They use 100% of all Lepage wood waste to generate heat and steam for their production facilities, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and ultimately reducing their carbon footprint.

• Their XL double hung is an authentic window with no visible balance system and an all-wood jamb and sash that is reminiscent of windows from centuries past.
• A privately owned company based in Merrill, Wisconsin.

• They are dedicated to manufacturing energy-efficient products and managing our resources in a manner that reduces our impact on the environment. Lincoln offers numerous product enhancements to increase energy savings such as thermal breaks, weatherstripping, and performance glass.

• Lincoln casements are sure to add elegance and charm to any building project. Available as a traditional cranking unit or the popular push-out style, their casement windows are energy efficient, architecturally versatile, and structurally sound.
• All of their products are hand forged, manufactured to work with the architectural style of your home.

• All iron doors come with tempered glass, maximizing impact resistance and energy efficiency.

• They specialize in both modern design and traditional decorative designs.
Reynaers Windows & Curtain Walls

Concept System® 77 is a high insulating window system that meets elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability and security. This system includes the most complete range of solutions for all types of inward and outward opening windows. They are available in different burglar resistance levels (class 2 & 3) making it an extremely secure system.

Concept Wall® 50 is a façade and roof system that offers unlimited design freedom and allows maximum transparency. The system is available in several designs and glazing variants, like steel beam look, standard pressure plates, structurally glazed, and structurally clamped solutions. It offers an extensive range of profiles, gaskets, accessories, and tools. It is specially developed for easy fabrication and installation.

• The company is headquartered in Duffel, Belgium. We purchase all products from the authorized manufacturer, Ital East Corp. They are a suite of European solutions and offer an additional support system for Northeast customers.
• Third-generation family-owned company started in 1969.

• Truly vertically integrated company. They own the land that grows the trees which provide the wood to make the windows and doors.

• Choose from 75 finishes in seven design collections with custom color matching available and powder coating technology that leads the industry in color retention, durability, and environmental safety.
• With a corporate office, manufacturing facility, and distribution center in Springfield, New Jersey, United Window has positioned itself as a leader in the vinyl industry.

• They were the first vinyl window company to "dry bend" our own architectural shapes and we were also one of the first window companies to offer wood extension jambs as an option on all of our new construction products.
• Founded in Phoenix, Western Window Systems designs and manufactures high-quality products that bring indoor and outdoor spaces together.

• They strive to make the world a better place by reducing their ecological footprint and giving back to the community through a volunteer program.

• From traditional projects with factory-style windows and doors to modern minimalist looks featuring large panes of glass, you’ll find nearly limitless expression with our simulated steel line.
• As a dedicated manufacturer of Retractable Screen Solutions the Wizard product line is customized to each door or window.

• Their SmartScreen provides convenient insect control, UV protection, and feature a captured edge which prevents blow-outs.


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