Often overlooked, the color of the walls can ultimately determine the appeal of any room in a home. Whether you are looking for a fresh coat or a new pop of color, you can trust that the best hardware shop in New Canaan has a quality supply of California Paints and other craft and specialty paints that will make your job easier.

The kitchen receives more traffic than just about any room and can use an easy spruce-up once in a while. Over time, walls can become full of marks and dents. Having the interior repainted removes these imperfections and makes the home look new and clean. Statement cabinets have become popular recently: a coat of navy blue or forest green can refresh dated wood cabinets nicely. Regardless of where you choose to paint, introducing new colors can bring a kitchen out of the 1980s and into the dream room you saw in your most recent home magazine. 

Space is often an issue in homes, and it can be maximized by introducing light paint colors. Lighter colors brighten a room and make it feel larger while introducing a feeling of simplicity and openness. On the flip side, darker colors can make a space feel cozier or smaller. Likewise, a tactical combination of the two can change the shape of a room. A lighter color on a ceiling can give the perception of more height, whereas you can bring the ceiling down in a large room by painting it a darker color in comparison to the walls.

Get your Paint at the Best Hardware Shop in New Canaan

The light colors in this office space combined with natural light expand the small space.

Get your Paint at the Best Hardware Shop in New Canaan

The dark wall in this living space adds an air of maturity and allows for contrast with decor.

Paint also provides an opportunity to create an accent wall. If you are looking to define a living space or make a feature wall in a bedroom, the best hardware shop in New Canaan can help you to find complementary colors that will make your accent wall a reality. Whether you choose a bold color, a pattern, or something in between, our experts at the Weed & Duryea Home Center will ensure that your home improvement project is done correctly.

Are you looking for a unique play space? These are the perfect spaces to experiment with different shapes and colors. Let imagination run wild with bright colors and patterns. Similarly, a playroom is a perfect space to try a statement chalkboard wall. With chalkboard paint, the wall is your canvas to create and recreate as much as you please. Erasable, washable, and durable, chalkboard walls are certainly making a comeback and could be a great addition to your play space, your child’s bedroom, or even an office space. 

Weed & Duryea is a full-service supplier and carries the best quality paints from California Paints in addition to all the supplies you’ll need to get the job done. With a multitude of interior and exterior paints, along with brushes, paint thinners, wood filler, trays, and rollers, you will be prepared.

For an easy do-it-yourself project, Weed & Duryea carry spray paint for indoor/outdoor, maximum coverage, metal, wood, masonry and more. Take the first step toward your home transformation by requesting a free quote from the best hardware shop in New Canaan today.

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