Why You Need a Big Green Egg Grill from Weed & Duryea

The Big Green Egg grill is where style and design surpass the competition. If you’re looking for the best retailer to buy a Big Green Egg grill for sale, the Weed & Duryea Home Center in New Canaan, CT, is the place to go.

Big Green Egg grill for sale

Why does the Big Green Egg top the competition? Let’s start with the kamado-style grill which is a modern ceramic charcoal grill and an amazing investment for anyone who truly cares about flavor and is passionate about how their meat or fish is cooked.

It’s perfect for people who want a smoky flavor in their meats without sacrificing too much cooking time. Traditional grills are great during the hotter months of the year, but tend to sit idle and take up patio space during the colder months. The ceramic design allows the Big Green Egg grill to maintain thermal efficiency even during the coldest days of winter.

The Big Green Egg grill for sale is wildly versatile all year round.

It features adjustable airflow to make changes on the fly and alter your cooking style and temperature. It can serve as an outdoor oven that makes a crispy pizza, but can also roast a turkey for your next Thanksgiving dinner. 

Besides the usual high-temperature grilling, it can function as a low-and-slow smoker for barbecue ribs that fall right off the bone. Because of the ceramic design, it maintains a consistent temperature that doesn’t drop when you need to put cheese on burgers or add sauces to your food. If you are looking for grills, it is time to turn to the Big Green Egg grill for sale at Weed & Duryea!

If you want to add more to your grill, there are numerous attachments that will enhance your Big Green Egg grilling experience. You can prepare shawarma in your backyard with the rotisserie attachment. There’s also a wok accessory as well as a cast iron skillet. There are enough attachments that you’ll be able to completely replace the stove in your kitchen if you so choose.

The size of the largest Big Green Egg grill will fit perfectly into even a limited outdoor space.

The high-quality ceramic material means you do not have to worry about rust and there is a lifetime warranty if you have hesitations about possibly damaging or cracking it.

If you are passionate about grilling and want the ability to cook any way you please, then you should visit Weed & Duryea in New Canaan for a Big Green Egg grill for sale!

Traditional charcoal grills are slow to heat up and do not maintain a consistent temperature, especially when the lid of the grill is opened and closed. A charcoal grill also limits your cooking versatility because there is no ability to smoke or slow-cook your meal.

Get the finest grill on the market when you visit Weed & Duryea. Give us a call at (203) 966.2673 or visit our website here to take a look at the grills we have in stock.

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