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Mbrico manufactures & provides a premium porcelain tile system with a better design, easier installation, lower maintenance, and more color options. Mbrico Tile Decks present a unique opportunity for you to coordinate interior and exterior spaces with high-quality Italian porcelain stoneware that can be placed anywhere. We provide several advantages not satisfied by any other product in the decking industry.

Low maintenance

Mbrico Tile deck surfaces require no special maintenance, sealing, staining or seasonal treatments over the course of our industry-leading warranty.

Easy to install

Each component of a Mbrico Tile Deck is precision cut for accurate coupling of slabs. Any installation becomes remarkably easy for skilled carpentry crews using mechanical fasteners and standard tools.

Thermal shock resistant

From -58° F (-50° C) to 140° F (60° C), Mbrico products maintain the same technical, aesthetic features and longevity of the material over time.

Frost resistant

Mbrico products absorb almost no water (only 0.05%), which protects their technical performance and makes them unsusceptible to damage caused by low temperatures.

Reflects Heat

Certain colors have a solar reflectance index of between 60% and 80%, which means that the material has low heat absorption and stays cooler to the touch.

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