Want to build a new deck, or replace an aging, existing deck? Here’s all you need to know about pressure-treated decking materials from Northeast Building Supply of Bridgeport.

A wood deck can create a beautiful outdoor living space, provide years of use, revitalize an underused area of a yard, and add thousands of dollars in value to your home. But an outdoor deck also needs to be built with the correct pressure-treated decking materials to provide the structural stability to carry significant weight loads and withstand the extreme weather conditions of the Northeast.

Before beginning any project, it’s wise for a homeowner to contact the local building department to determine if a building permit is required, or if there are specific construction guidelines and requirements that need to be followed. The next step is selecting the right pressure-treated decking materials so the deck is solid and lasts for years.

Pressure-treated lumber is treated with different amounts of preservatives so it can be used in specific applications. A label on the end of each piece of lumber designates the specific application. The American Wood Protection Association has named three designations for pressure-treated decking materials.

  • Above Ground: If the lumber is being used more than 6” above the ground, can be easily maintained or replaced, and has proper ventilation and drainage;
  • Ground Contact: If the wood will come into contact with the ground or fresh water, or is constructed in a manner that the wood is not allowed to easily dry;
  • Ground Contact Heavy Duty: If the wood will be exposed to severe weather, will be exposed to wet or damp conditions a majority of the time, or will rarely be allowed to sufficiently dry.

Pressure-treated decking materials are used for outdoor patios, pergolas and other wood-based construction because they offer protection against termite infestation and fungal decay; is more durable and less expensive than cedar, redwood, tropical hardwoods, and composite materials; is easy to use for homeowners and building professionals; and is made from renewable resources.

Builders in the Northeast can also use pressure-treated lumber when framing the outside walls of homes and patios that are likely to be exposed to excess rainfall, severe winds, blowing snow and extreme cold.

Pressure-treated lumber can also be painted and stained, but must be allowed to dry completely before paint or stain can be applied. In many cases, when pressure-treated lumber is purchased, it can be wet or moist to the touch.

Northeast Building Supply of Bridgeport has recently opened a new drive-thru lumber yard where customers can have their pressure-treated decking materials loaded directly into their car, truck or van. The lumber yard is open every day, except Sunday.

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