February Paint Specials

A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to refresh a room in your home or office at any [...]

January Paint Specials

When the weather gets cold outside, it’s time to take your painting projects indoors. Paint is an inexpensive way to [...]

December Paint Specials

With the arrival of colder weather, most paint projects move indoors. If you are starting an indoor paint project in [...]

Decorative Cabinet Hardware needs Functionality and Style

While it may not typically be thought of until the last minute when remodeling or building a home, decorative cabinet […]

November Paint Specials

Sometimes finding just the right paint for a room can take a little extra time. That’s why our Weed & [...]

The One Stop Shop for All Your Construction Supply Needs

Starting a new project is always fun, but gathering the construction supply materials that are needed for your job can […]

October Paint Specials

The leaves will be turning color soon which means you don’t have much time left if you still have an [...]

Great Colors at Our Benjamin Moore Paint Store in Cornwall Bridge

A fresh coat of paint is the most cost-effective way to give your home a brand-new look. If you live […]

Shop Our Reliable and Cheap Plywood Sheets

Building a strong and reliable foundation for your home starts with using high quality materials that are meant to last. […]

September Paint Specials

Your painting “to-do” list isn’t getting any shorter so get the paint and supplies you need to get your project [...]
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