Doors are an important design element in any home. Whether you’re remodeling, building a new home, or revamping your space, we have doors that will provide you with the functionality and features you require. One of our most versatile products at Northeast Architectural is wooden solid core doors.

If you are tackling a new build or remodel, there are both interior and exterior doors to consider. Whether you want solid wood doors for style, wood veneer for cost management, or composite wood for a mix of the two. Our design consultants will help you find the design and features you want so you can completely customize the feel and function of your space.

There are doors that offer cost savings, durability, function, and stunning aesthetics. Wooden solid core doors are one of our favorite options because these high-quality doors provide all of the best features and customizable style in one.

We love solid wood doors for their beauty and durability, but they might not be the best option on tighter construction budgets because they are certainly the most expensive.

Modern manufacturing techniques can give you fully customized doors with endless options for finishes, features, moldings, and even wood grain. And they are as easy to install as any other door!

Wooden solid core doors are a good choice when you need some peace and quiet, or you want to turn up the volume in your entertainment room. The increased density provides better insulation for climate control by room, and the solid core also means they withstand impact better than hollow core doors. Added durability provides you with greater value over time.

They are also an excellent choice for exterior doors to add additional security to your home. And some of them come with fire protection ratings to provide extra safety in the event of an unforeseen situation in your basement, kitchen, or utility room.

Not every interior door necessarily needs to be a core wood door. Linen closets and pantries are not areas where sound dampening or climate control is a consideration. And hollow core doors are lighter and more cost-effective, giving you flexibility in your design choices.

You might decide to go with pocket doors, barn doors, or panel doors. All of these are stylish choices when deciding on wooden solid core doors. Pocket doors slide within walls so as not to occupy floor space; this allows for freedom in decorating without the need to consider door swing.

Barn doors are known for adding a rustic look but have also become incredibly versatile over the years. These doors come in a variety of materials, and the wall-mounted style allows you to showcase beautiful hardware. Our modern barn or slab doors can add a contemporary aesthetic to any home.

Northeast Architectural has locations in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut for your convenience. Allow a member of our expert design team to give you a tour of our showroom where you are likely to find the exact doors you are seeking for your next project.

Give us a call with a question or schedule a meeting with a consultant at (732) 517-7321.

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