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Contemporary Product

Custom builders implement and accomplish the detailed yet uncluttered architectural design aesthetics with contemporary style Lincoln products.

Combine this with our successful dealer networks’ understanding of a clients appreciation for both cosmetic appeal and performance from Lincoln’s responsive product line up. The result. Enhanced user experiences based on the premise to consult, design and achieve your dream look with chic contemporary luxury.

These modern fenestration products visually announce ‘curb appeal’ to your neighborhood all while efficiently performing. Lincoln glazing technology repels exterior influences while your family experiences an incredibly comfortable interior climate.

  • Intelligent 366/Neat glass controls heat gain with lower maintenance
  • Preserve Protective Film covering large expanses of glass during construction
  • Proven Endur IG spacer system backed with a 20-year factory warranty
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Square Glazing Bead & SDL Bars

  • Clean modern interior design aesthetic
  • Similar appearance to aluminum or steel windows
  • Simulated Divided Lights in 5/8”, 7/8” or 11/8”
  • Virtually limitless grille configurations
  • Putty sloped wet-glazed exterior

Square Stop – Direct Set

  • Reduces traditional ‘step down’ wood stops
  • 5/8” tall stop for clear sightline to exterior
  • Visible with casing applied to frame
  • Popular choice when mulling operating units
  • Complimentary square exterior cladding profile

Full Stop – Direct Set

  • Creates crisp ‘disappearing glass’ appearance
  • Available for 49/16” jamb products
  • Casing application can cover frame with minimal reveal
  • Flat shelf appearance similar to store front products
  • Complimentary square exterior cladding profile
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Create intuitive designs with a crank-out or push-out style casement or awning windows. Casement windows are easy to operate in massive sizes lending themselves to today’s popular contemporary architecture. How big? Think 42” wide and 96” tall establishing a spectacular viewing area through the glass.

Casement & Awning

  • Large operating and stationary sizes
  • Beautiful hardware finishes
  • Retractable screens with concealed tracks and housing
  • High performance grade (PG) ratings
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41/8” CSMT w/ Drywall Return

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Behind the Jamb Drywall Return

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Designers opting for minimal framing intrusion enjoy the Lincoln corner window experience as our intersecting corner measures an ultra-lean 31/8”. Specifying a full stop will creates a ‘disappearing glass’ appearance perfect for a minimalistic approach to interior design.

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Corner Unit w/ Full Stop

Direct Sets & Corner Windows

  • Narrow yet strong framing with maximum glass area
  • Three clean interior glazing stop solutions
  • Complete geometric and radius shape selection
  • Factory assembled 90° corner window
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Direct Set w/ Square Stop

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Direct Set w/ Full Stop

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Created specifically for the increased visible glass, narrow stile doors are the definition of ‘contemporary’. We’ll call it ‘interior light maximization’, especially on doors reaching 10 feet skyward! Swing doors are both attractive and superbly functional.

Swing Patio Doors

  • Stile width options 33/8”, 413/16” & 6”
  • Panel thickness 1¾” & 2¼”
  • Numerous sizing and operational configurations
  • Stylish lever handles and finish colors
  • Secure 3-point & 5-point locking hardware
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Dallas Handle

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Sleek narrow slide patio door stiles never interfere with your interior décor and require less space than swinging units. Couple the purposeful appeal of operational convenience with slim sight lines all while succeeding to stay on budget. Now that’s a contemporary project.

Slide Patio Doors

  • Stile width options 21/2”, 33/8” & 413/16”.
  • Adjustable and durable tandem rollers
  • Trouble-free operating panels stack neatly over stationary panels.
  • Factory set-up assemblies for quality installations
  • No interference inside or outside your contemparary room.
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Contempo Handle

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Setting the benchmark for smooth seamless transitions is easy with the bi-folding system. These
incredible doors are equally user friendly for high-end residential or commercial applications striving
for massive open spaces when open and holding inclement weather at bay while closed and sealed.

Fold-A-Way Patio Doors

  • Eight panels each direction.
  • Screens and shade system available
  • Stile width options 33/8” & 413/16”
  • Conveniently fold and store outward
  • Weather tight sill system or concealed floor channel
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Truly expansive door openings from Lincoln await your insightful and creative design team when
planning details with daylight considerations. The Lincoln Lift & Slide uses large sizing and weight
for sill weathers strip compression for all-weather performance. A functional lever handle raises the
operating panel for smooth sliding action.

Multi-Slide/Lift & Slide Patio Doors

  • Massive 2 ¼” thick measure up to 6’ wide and 10’ tall
  • Contemporary handle shape and finish colors
  • Stacking or pocketing systems
  • Quiet and smooth polypropylene rollers
  • 90° corner configurations
  • Maximum 10 panels & many configurations
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