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Garden Mulch

One of the biggest investments a homeowner makes is in the landscaping that surrounds a property. It can take years of patience, hard work and trial and error before a homeowner gets the type of lawn or garden that was envisioned.

Mulch is one of the most formidable tools of a gardener and at Northeast Building Supply in Cornwall Bridge, Conn., we carry everything you need. Produced from a variety of organic components that include grass clippings, leaves, hay and woodchips, mulch is designed as a defensive layer that prevents moisture loss and inhibits the growth of weeds.

There are other benefits. Mulch makes your landscaping aesthetically beautiful and improves the fertility of the soil as the organic matter decomposes.

Functions of mulch

Reduces evaporation

Soil loses a lot of water because of evaporation, especially during the summer. Putting down a layer of mulch reduces evaporation while still allowing sunlight to reach the soil.

Insulates the soil

Mulch is multi-functional. Not only does it prevent evaporation, it also protects the soil from the cold weather. In colder climates, mulch prevents water from accumulating in the soil and freezing in the winter which keeps your landscaping healthier.

Benefits of garden mulch


You can easily tidy up the boundaries of your garden and keep your flower beds free of debris.

Weed reduction

Mulch reduces weeds, eliminating difficult maintenance.

Protective covering

Mulch prevents runoff during rainy periods and reduces soil erosion.

Northeast Building Supply sells a wide variety of mulch, fertilizers and other soil additives. Check out our website

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