Remodeling your home can be a very difficult and long project. Any home improvement project will have its strengths and weaknesses so we try to make it simple. At Northeast Architectural, we have the best quality and service for ordering custom doors and windows in New Jersey. We try to keep the entire process simple while making sure every detail is considered and solved. 

Northeast Architectural is located in Long Branch, NJ, and is home to a team of highly trained and skilled professionals with a vast knowledge of fenestration and door and window design and installation. Every member of our team has an extensive background in door and window sales and installation so we’re able to guide our customers through this complicated process and achieve the dream home design they desire.

The Best Custom Doors and Windows

What We Sell

We have numerous brands and materials of doors and windows to choose from at Northeast Architectural. We have the best custom doors and windows in New Jersey whether you’re purchasing a sliding door or a wood window. At Northeast Architectural we sell wood/clad, vinyl, screen, aluminum, and steel windows and doors from some of the leading manufacturers in the country.

Our large selection of materials and product lines give clients a wide variety of options for their home. Each material adds its own unique style and design to your home and will give you the stunning curb appeal and energy efficiency that you want. We can fit any door from entry doors, storm doors to patio doors, and we offer custom designs that will fit any type of window and door design, no matter how complex or simple.

How We Help

Our high-quality products are not the only thing we offer at Northeast Architectural. Our customer service and years of experience are what we pride ourselves on. To make sure your window or door installation goes smoothly, we move with clients step by step to understand what design and fit is needed. 

We offer pre and post-installation service and support which includes on-site visits with the contractor to review our inspection checklist and guide any product installation. We will be there if you need to simply replace windows or you want a completely new door system. At Northeast Architecture you’re not only getting the best custom doors and windows in New Jersey, you’re also getting the best customer service available in the Northeast. 

Starting a new project can be a difficult project to arrange and strategize on your own, so we make it easy to design, size, and order your custom doors and windows. Northeast Architectural has been supplying and guiding homeowners through their dream projects since 1994, so we have a wealth of experience with new construction or remodeling projects.

We continue to bring phenomenal custom pieces with outstanding customer service at amazing prices. Our clients know we will get the job done because we work with a great variety of brands and materials.

With the best custom doors and windows in New Jersey and personal customer service, Northeast Architectural has it all.

For more information on how we can bring your dream home to reality contact us or call at (203) 275-0812.

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