Interview with Jeff Bickel, Director of Sales Northeast Building Supply

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Briefly describe the history’oLNortheast Building SappIy highlighting key events or milestones.

Company Founders, Arnie Foster and Jan Cohen, formed an investment company in 1983. The Investment Company first venture into the Building Supply industry was their purchase of Bridgeport Lumber Co. Inc., May 1988. Since 1988 businesses
acquisitions were added: 1993 Weed & Duryea Lumber and Home Center, 2005 Northwest Lumber
& Hardware, 2015 Architectural Building Components, and in 2016 Sip’s ACE Paint and Hardware was added to the family of businesses. Since September 1997 all the companies have been owned and
operated under one family of businesses known as Northeast Building Supply & Home Centers, LLC (NBS).

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Our Company is focused on supplying the professional building trade, architects, and home improvement industry with quality products and services. Our focus is not just words; we must take it seriously and earn it each day. When Bridgeport Lumber Co. Inc. was purchased in 1988, Arnie and Jan had no prior experience within this industry. They learned by performing each job in the Company alongside those six employees who were the total work force at the time. Customer service will come first, that is our Core Value. Our Code of Conduct is honesty, integrity, and to provide our Customer the experience they deserve.

Define your company’s taryet customer and the value Northeast Building SuppIy brings to that customer.

Northeast Building Supply is open to all consumers, contractors and homeowners alike. Our business mix is roughly 65/35 favoring the professional trades. Our focus on detail and service is what brings our customers coming back to use us time and time again.

What capabilities or special services separate you from your competition?

Our in-depth estimating and sales support staff separate us from our competition. We have a team of highly skilled estimators and project coordinators helping keep projects on budget and on time.

How many employees do you have and what is the average amount of time they haveworked there?

We have 71 employees and our average time worked here is 8-t0 years.

Now long have Northeast Building Supply and Russin been doing business together?

Northeast has been doing business with Russin since the very beginning.

What do you think your business will be like in 10 years from now?

Northeast is planning on continuing our growth strategy and expand our market share. We expect to be double in size while maintaining our customer first approach.

What do you do for Northeast Building Sapply?

I am the Director of Sales for Northeast Building Supply. Primary responsibilities are managing the Sales and Estimating teams and strategic planning with each of our branch managers.

What do you like most aboutyour responsibilities at Northeast Building Supply?

The team both internally and externally. We have an amazing team of dedicated people working at Northeast that make my job much more enjoyable. Our external team (our customers) are also some of the best in the industry, we have a saying #jointeamnortheast because we like to partner with our customers on each of their projects to help keep them on track.

What makes Northeast Building Supply unique?

Northeast likes to partner with our clients and provide the best service possible for their project. No matter how large or small. We stay engaged from the time it is a dream on a napkin until the last screw is fastened.

What products do you buy from Russin?
Thermory, Trespa, MBrico, Various Cedar products, IPE decking

What qualities do you rely on in your vendor relationships ?

Reliability, Honesty & Innovation. We pride ourselves on providing innovative products to our customers with on-time and in-full deliveries. We rely very much on our vendors to provide that same service to us. Russin is one of the best in the business at those three qualities

What do you like about doing business with Russin ?
Russin keeps bringing new products to the table to allow us to bring exciting new technology and design elements to our customer base. Our customers love having an advantage over their competition and Russin allows us to provide them with that edge.

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