What’s the first thing that catches your eye when walking into a bathroom? For me, it’s the little things such as a color-coded doorknob, a towel rack, or the cabinet handles that are part of the decorative bathroom hardware that can pull an entire room together.

While the pieces may slip your mind at first, you start to notice how well they can showcase your bathroom’s unique design. Before choosing any doorknob or what we often call “ jewelry” of the home, you must be able to find some sort of inspiration. With more than 16 high-quality brands to choose from at Northeast Kitchen Center, we can help you find the type of decorative bathroom hardware that will inspire anyone who walks into one of your bathrooms.

Why go for something that’s standard when you can go for something that’s more stunning and attractive?. Imagine an accessory set filled with various options such as oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, or stainless steel materials. All these possibilities are things to suggest and think of when recreating or building a bathroom from scratch.

With our busy schedules, finding the small yet important decorative bathroom hardware can add some stress. At Northeast Kitchen Center we want to take that stress off your shoulders by showing you all the wonderful possibilities that await your dream bathroom.

When envisioning your dream home, you can picture a space that provides you with your own personal style, comfort, and happiness. Most times we overlook the small and simple decorative pieces that allow a room to stand out from the rest.

These materials and designs can make or break the final product of your home. It is important to feel inspired by the decorative hardware you are selecting. In order for that to happen, you must find someone that brings you that comfort in knowing you made the right decision. At Northeast Kitchen Center, our design specialists can provide you with just that.

By specializing in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, countertops, and decorative bathroom hardware from many of the leading manufacturers in the U.S., our experts can help you put together a master bathroom that can be a spectacular oasis right in the comfort of your home.

A few years ago my family chose to redo all our bathrooms. By completely starting from scratch, it was hard to believe how many little details go into making a space stand out from the rest of the home. Whether that was choosing the towel rings, robe hooks, cabinet knobs, ring toilet paper holder, and more, every accessory needed to be aesthetically pleasing while also protecting the health of our family.

When choosing decorative bathroom hardware you must choose the style that you believe will best suit your overall vision. That can be classic, rustic, or even traditional hardware. In addition to selecting the style of your bathroom, your budget also plays an important factor in what materials you can put on your mood board.

Coming up with a strategic plan such as the one mentioned above will make all the difference. It will make the process of selecting materials, styles, and colors much easier.

If you’re still unsure as to what your inspiration may be for creating your dream bathroom. don’t fret! Looking through brochures, pictures on social media platforms and hearing testimonials about the experience of others can help guide you to making the right decisions.

Selecting the perfect decorative bathroom hardware is a big task. However, it should not be a stressful one. Being able to express your uniqueness and style when walking into your bathroom is an achievement. The feeling you’ll get when guests are swarming you with compliments on your final product will all be worth it in the end!

Call our design team today and schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping you design your dream bathroom.

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