There are two areas of a home where renovations have the biggest impact: the kitchen and the bathroom.

Today, we’re going to focus on renovating an old bathroom that will immediately increase the value of your home, while making the bathroom more attractive and functional without spending a fortune to complete the project. There are the typical upgrades; replacing the vanity, cabinets, sink and fixtures, but adding less noticeable touches such as decorative bathroom hardware for the vanity and cabinets, or sconces to increase lighting are less expensive options that can make a big difference.

At Northeast Kitchen Center in Bridgeport, CT, we help homeowners or contractors who are searching for renovation ideas that can transform an old bathroom into a relaxing, new space. The Kitchen Center is a quartz bathroom countertops store where our design experts will work with you to upgrade your old, dated countertops with new ideas and materials.

Because we are a quartz bathroom countertops store, the Kitchen Center sells a variety of quartz countertops that are a great option for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms where a large, dramatic countertop is not necessarily needed. In smaller spaces, where the sink and fixture will take up the majority of the countertop space, keep expenses down by using quartz instead of granite or marble.

If the existing vanity or cabinets are in good shape but could use some tender loving care, a coat of high-quality paint and decorative bathroom hardware is an inexpensive fix that could reinvigorate the existing vanity or cabinets. It’s a big job for a do-it-yourselfer, but can save thousands of dollars if done correctly..

Here are some tips. Remove the drawers from the vanity or the doors from the cabinets. Use a coarse sandpaper to sand away imperfections or old paint drips, then use a fine sandpaper to smooth out every surface. Use a primer to prepare the drawers and vanity, or the doors and cabinets for the finish paint, then apply the finish coats with a roller for a smoother, more even finish.

Tired of looking at hinges rusted by years of humidity? Replace them with new hinges that can be purchased in a variety of colors. When you have decided on the colors of the hinges, start looking for new decorative bathroom hardware from the hundreds of styles available at Northeast Kitchen Center, which carries decorative bathroom hardware from some of the leading manufacturers in the nation.
While you have the paint supplies out, it’s always a good idea to put a coat of high-quality bathroom paint on the ceiling. Nothing will spoil a renovated bathroom quicker than mold growth on the ceiling. It’s ugly, not to mention dangerous. It’s worth the extra time and money to protect your ceiling from mold and mildew.

New paint, new hinges and new hardware will give an old vanity or old cabinets a fresh new appearance that can be enhanced with upgraded lighting, or a new tile backsplash that could complement a new quartz countertop.

Removing dated tile is near the top of every bathroom renovation wish list, but you have to be careful. Tile installation can get expensive very quickly, so consider adding tile to a smaller area (maybe just a backsplash) while painting everything else. Also, great deals are available on nice tile, you just have to be willing to search the back room of a tile supplier to find it. Be sure to ask about remnants left over from previous jobs. You might find just enough to make your bathroom look special.

Whether you are looking to spend big dollars on a renovation or you want to spend as little as possible, let Northeast Kitchen Center help you out. We are a quartz bathroom countertops store that also has cabinetry and hardware for jobs large and small. Schedule a consultation today by calling 203.576.8696, or go to to find more design ideas and product information.

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