Often, when remodeling and renovating, homeowners overlook the finishing touches of a project. So why not update cabinet hardware while you are at it? From kitchens to bathrooms, decorative cabinet hardware increases home value, aligns your room to the latest trends, and ties an entire room together.

Here at Northeast Cornwall Bridge, we have a wonderful, and in our opinion the best, selection of decorative hardware anywhere in Connecticut.

Decorative cabinet hardware is one of the cheapest ways to increase home value. Sometimes you don’t need to completely tear out cabinets to update your home. By investing in new cabinet hardware, your cabinets get a fresh new look.

Structurally sound cabinets usually just need a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, and possibly new doors. If you do need to install new cabinets, we recommend adding decorative hardware to further increase your home value. This is a very cost-effective way to maximize the value of your home on a budget.

Updating your decorative cabinet hardware with one of our 16 brands will keep your home trendy without costing an arm and a leg. To stay on top of trends, consider a sleek, modern pull bar for your cabinets. Specifically, elongated pull bars are on the rise. As far as color goes, black is a current showstopper for hardware. Black accents, in either matte or satin finish, add sophistication and striking contrast on lighter cabinets.

Another popular trend is warm-toned brass hardware in a brushed or polished finish. Copper cabinet hardware has recently made its way onto the scene but can be a bit tricky to incorporate because it has a tendency to clash with certain color palettes and other metals.

When copper hardware is done right, it can add a unique twist to a modern kitchen. New decorative cabinet hardware could be all you need to bring your kitchen or bathroom up to date.

Aside from the added home value and keeping your rooms on top of current interior design trends, decorative cabinet hardware ties the room together. Simple hardware creates uniformity in a room, while uniquely shaped and colored hardware takes center stage as a showpiece.

Whether you have a minimalist style or gravitate more toward the ornate, smartly chosen hardware takes your home to the next level while adding a sense of flow to your space. From color to shape, we have a great assortment to pick from to tie your room together.

Finishing touches are called finishing touches for a reason; without them, your remodeling or renovation project isn’t really finished. Our decorative cabinet hardware has the power to increase home value, keep your home’s interior on-trend, and tie your room together.

Updated cabinet hardware keeps your kitchens and bathrooms looking fresh and new. Take a look at our high-quality decorative cabinet hardware to add the finishing touches you need to complete your project.

Speak to a consultant about our decorative cabinet hardware here, or visit our local showroom at 26 Kent Road South, Cornwall Bridge to browse through what we have to offer.

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