The Northeast Kitchen Center is a treasure trove for homeowners and building professionals who are looking for decorative bathroom hardware to enhance the design and function of bathrooms in a home renovation or a new construction project.

One of the Kitchen Center’s most impressive features is its unique selection of manufacturers and the decorative bathroom hardware they produce. Select from up-scale brands such as Accurate Lock & Hardware, Baldwin, Emtek, Colonial, Rocky Mountain, and Schaub or traditional brands such as Omina and Schlage.

This range of products gives homeowners and designers the ability to elevate their bathroom spaces with stunning and functional hardware to suit any style or preference. Here’s a review of some of the decorative bathroom hardware the Kitchen Center stocks

Accurate Lock & Hardware: This brand epitomizes precision and craftsmanship. Known for its attention to detail, Accurate offers a selection of high-end bathroom hardware, including door locks, handles, and accessories. The products seamlessly blend function and design that ensures every piece of hardware not only performs its intended purpose but also enhances the visual appeal of a bathroom.

Baldwin: Another prominent brand with a long-established name in the world of architectural hardware, Baldwin is synonymous with luxury and elegance. Its decorative bathroom hardware features a blend of timeless designs and innovative technologies, including smart locks and touchless fixtures.

Emtek: This brand is renowned for its eclectic and stylish hardware collections and is a popular choice for homeowners looking to make a statement in their bathrooms. Emtek’s diverse range of products includes ornate door knobs, chic cabinet pulls, and decorative hooks. Emtek allows homeowners to infuse their bathrooms with a unique personality and style, whether they prefer a vintage-inspired look, a modern touch, or anything in between.

Colonial: With a strong heritage in bathroom hardware, Colonial specializes in crafting classic, enduring designs that stand the test of time. Its product lines offer a sense of nostalgia and charm, ideal for homeowners seeking a traditional or vintage look for their bathrooms. Their selection includes elegant faucet handles, towel bars, and robe hooks.

Rocky Mountain Hardware: Drawing inspiration from nature and classic craftsmanship, the bathroom hardware often features intricate designs influenced by the great outdoors. With a wide range of finishes, including bronze and patinas, Rocky Mountain Hardware provides a rustic, earthy feel for those who wish to bring a natural element into their bathroom decor.

Schaub: Excelling in contemporary and transitional hardware designs, this decorative bathroom hardware incorporates sleek lines and a minimalist design, making it ideal for modern and transitional interior spaces. Schaub’s selection of handles, knobs, and towel bars caters to those who favor clean, streamlined, and uncluttered designs.

Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the manufacturers at the Kitchen Center, it’s time for you to speak to a design specialist and put your bathroom hardware together. Call the Kitchen Center at (203) 307-1120 or click here to schedule a design consultation online. If you’d rather come into our showroom, we’re located at 1452 Barnum Avenue in Bridgeport, CT

We’re ready to find a suitable decorative bathroom hardware solution for your project and make the Kitchen Center a one-stop destination as you work to transform your bathrooms into personalized and aesthetically pleasing sanctuaries. 

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