When homeowners in Connecticut or throughout the northeast start thinking about a remodeling or home-improvement project, they know who they can rely on to provide all the building materials and supplies (such as interior doors or energy efficient windows) that will be needed to start and complete a project.

Northeast Bridgeport has been the go-to supplier for building professionals and homeowners in the state for decades. Whether the project requires energy efficient windows and doors for the exterior of the home, or solid core interior doors to finish the job, Northeast Bridgeport can order and deliver the materials needed.

Northeast Bridgeport can supply energy efficient windows and doors from many of the leading manufacturers in the country. Select windows and doors in any size and shape from LePage, Sierra Pacific, Western, Trustile, United and many other manufacturers.

Regardless of the size and scope of the project, Northeast Bridgeport can assist at every step. For new construction, some homeowners are overwhelmed by the sheer number of energy efficient windows and doors that need to be ordered. Our team at Northeast Bridgeport will sit down with clients and walk them through each step.

We’ll help you select the style (double hung, casement, awning, bay, picture), pick the materials (wood, clad, vinyl, aluminum), and make other decisions regarding glass, grilles, finishes, screens and hardware. (Did we mention homeowners can become overwhelmed when they are forced to start making decisions about windows?)

Doors aren’t easy to order, either (unless you’re working with us, of course). There are numerous decisions to make when considering what type of doors go where. Front doors are often grand centerpieces that can be made from a variety of materials and incorporate glass or other design elements.

Exterior doors in other areas of the home can be made from steel to provide greater protection, fiberglass, clad, or aluminum for versatility, or all glass to show off great views or an amazing patio, pool, or outdoor living area.

Oh wait, those are just the exterior doors. Inside, doors can make a design statement, while also serving as the main dividers between rooms and common areas. Many homeowners use solid core interior doors for the bedrooms and bathrooms to provide more privacy, while closet doors and doors leading into studies and other living areas of the home can be made from other materials (solid wood, pine, paint-ready MDF) and styles.

Even a small remodeling project can require numerous decisions about the type and style of windows and doors that will be used, so let the experts at Northeast Bridgeport help you with those decisions. It doesn’t matter if you’re selecting solid core interior doors or a single window, every decision is important.

Call (203) 275-0812 today to schedule a consultation with a member of the Northeast Bridgeport design team. We’re here to help make your project a success and reduce the anxiety homeowners can experience when faced with so many important decisions.

Take a look at the types of windows and doors that are available, and look through the catalogs of the manufacturers that we work with by visiting https://www.northeastco.com/. Get some ideas and give Northeast Bridgeport a call.

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