Your existing home needs a facelift and you’re not sure where to get started, or you’re beginning a home from scratch and you don’t want to spend a fortune . If you want to get the best return on your investment, installing exterior vinyl doors and windows is a good place to start.

Exterior vinyl doors and windows are the best-selling replacement door and window types for two primary reasons. First, vinyl doors and windows are much more affordable than their wood or clad counterparts, especially if you are replacing a significant number of both. Second, vinyl door and window frames provide better energy efficiency.

If you’re starting a new build or considering a renovation and have questions about the cost and energy benefits of exterior vinyl doors and windows, the experts at Northeast Architectural can help. Our window and door specialists have years of experience in sales and construction and can help you pick the right product for your project.

We have been providing builders, architects, designers, and homeowners with professional insights and installation expertise since 1994. We can help our clients navigate the complicated process of planning, selecting, purchasing, and installing windows and doors at projects large and small.

We can order exterior vinyl doors and windows from many of the leading manufacturers in the U.S., and can be available when your doors and windows are delivered to ensure your order is intact and undamaged. If requested, a representative from Northeast Architectural can also be present when your doors and windows are installed to give our clients the peace of mind that their products are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

For clients who have never been involved in a substantial construction project, the task of locating doors and windows, selecting the style and materials, and then ordering them can be a complicated and daunting task. The other aspect of door and window selection that can leave some clients in disbelief is the total cost.

Depending on the size of your project, even “affordable” products made from vinyl can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Clad and wood windows and doors can drive the price of a project even higher. It’s important for homebuyers and homeowners to carefully consider the type of materials that will be used in their project and budget accordingly.

As mentioned earlier, vinyl products cost less than clad and wood products and offer better energy efficiency. Vinyl doors and windows also give homeowners a maintenance-free product that can be easily cleaned and won’t need to be painted regularly to stay looking nice, and are available in every popular style.

Vinyl exterior doors are high performing and can be used in entryways and patios. Innovative engineering and advanced technologies are used to enhance the beauty, integrity, and durability of vinyl doors in all areas of the home.

Get your new home or renovation project started today by calling 732.876.4112 to schedule an appointment with one of our door and window specialists. You can also make an appointment online by going to and completing the form. A Northeast representative will call or email as soon as possible.

Get the professional help to make your project a smashing success at Northeast Architectural.

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