It’s been proven that comfortable temperatures lead to an increase in outdoor exercise and a higher absorption of Vitamin D. So, don’t hesitate to use these beautiful sunny days to start a new outdoor activity such as gardening with the best garden supply store in Cornwall Bridge!

According to recent studies, gardening has been proven to improve mental health, cardiovascular health, and hand strength. So, why not get out and enjoy this beautiful weather by planting a wonderful new garden?

If you’re looking to start gardening, our Northeast garden supply store in Cornwall Bridge offers a variety of products to suit your gardening needs. From seeds to gardening tools, Northeast sells everything you’ll need to begin your very own garden. With the right products, anybody can become a gardener!

All gardeners have to start somewhere! That’s why the garden supply store in Cornwall Bridge sells seed starters! Seed starters are the perfect place for your plants to begin their growing process. You might as well start out by choosing your own seeds of preference, which is why the Cornwall Bridge Home Center also sells seeds. And, if you’re looking to pot your new plants, we sell pots, planters, and potting soil. Of course, we understand that you cannot do anything without the proper tools, which is why we also carry garden and lawn tools.

Our garden supply store in Cornwall Bridge wants you to have the healthiest plants possible. And what better way to get healthy plants than by carrying some of the best gardening bases and soils? Topsoil, which is one of the main essentials for holding the water and nutrients that feed plants, is sold at all three of Northeast’s garden supply locations. In addition, mulch, which prevents weed growth and helps to keep soil cool, is also offered at all three stores. If you’re specifically looking to plant beautiful azaleas or evergreens, Holly Tone Espoma soil is offered as well.

If you’re looking to keep your lawn looking healthy, we sell plenty of lawn-related products that will make your life easier! We carry grass seed and weed control products in our garden center that will get your grass looking as beautiful as possible. We also sell lawn fertilizer, which keeps grass green and promotes growth.

Our Cornwall Bridge Home Center understands the importance of preserving your hard work, which is why we sell pest control products to keep little critters out of your lawn and garden and your landscaping in the best shape possible. We also carry garden aides to help with tree and plant support!

The outside of your home deserves to look beautiful! Come to the Cornwall Bridge Home Center to start your garden today.

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