If you’re looking for a store that supplies all of your outdoor home and yard needs, Northeast Weed & Duryea in New Canaan, CT is the place for you. A sector of the Northeast Building Supply family business, Northeast Weed & Duryea seeks to provide customers with quality outdoor living necessities while giving them the shopping experience they deserve. For more than 40 years, this gardening store in New Canaan has maintained its core value of guaranteed customer satisfaction in its products and services.

Northeast Weed & Duryea provides a wide range of products designed for outdoor use, including lawn and garden supplies. From soil to pest control to garden and lawn tools, Northeast Weed & Duryea has everything you need to keep your garden looking its best.

Northeast Building Supply workers found around the store provide expert recommendations as to which products are necessary for your individual garden and lawn situation. This high quality service combined with a wide array of garden and lawn products makes Northeast Weed & Duryea the best gardening store in New Canaan.

While the team at Northeast Weed & Duryea want to help your yard look its best, it also wants to make sure you enjoy spending time in it. The store offers a wide selection of outdoor living necessities, including grills and accessories, lawn chairs, fire pits, and more. Products for all four seasons can be found throughout the store, like outdoor heaters for winter and fall and pool supplies and outdoor games for spring and summer.

The supplies are not limited to your backyard alone, though. Northeast Weed & Duryea’s selection of coolers and insect repellent are perfect for outdoor trips like hiking or camping. Whatever your outdoor living needs, Weed & Duryea is sure to meet them.

The Weed & Duryea Home Center carries more than just outdoor necessities. Its wide supply of indoor appliances aim to make sure your home runs smoothly indoors. Among its array of housewares include bathware, cookware, cleaning supplies, and organizational supplies. Need something replaced or fixed? Weed & Duryea’s expert installers are available to install a selection of electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling fixtures, and are happy to help with maintenance.

Automotive supplies can also be found at Weed & Duryea Home Center retailers. Keep your car looking and feeling like new with oil and lubricants, windshield cleaner, and other car care supplies.

Specializing in everything from outdoor living to home and automotive care, the Northeast Weed & Duryea Home Center is not your average gardening store in New Canaan. The Northeast Building Supply family is dedicated to providing customers with every outdoor and home necessity with great customer service.

To learn more about New Canaan Northeast Weed & Duryea products and services, call 203-966-2673 or visit www.northeastco.com/products/home-centers/.

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