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Garrett Wilson Builders has been serving custom homebuyers in southern Fairfield County for more than two decades, specializing in high-quality residential home construction and remodeling.

The approach at Garrett Wilson Builders isn’t complicated. They strive to exceed customer expectations with relentless attention to detail, superior customer service, and a laser focus on completing projects on time and within the established budget.

When building a new home or remodeling an existing one, Garrett Wilson Builders recommends creating large communal family spaces and well-appointed kitchens to get the most return for your money. Outdoor living spaces create additional family areas and are a true bonus for buyers.

Making the most of the lower levels of a home should be considered too. Using basements to create gyms, storage, and family entertainment areas are wise decisions. As COVID-19 concerns continue to persist, adding more technology and automation to areas that can be used as home offices, or as separate working spaces for students who are learning virtually.

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