Have you recently renovated your house? If yes, we have the best decorative cabinet hardware in all of CT. We carry an array of cabinet door and drawer hardware that will make your interior look stunning.

From classic to modern, we have every type of lever, knob, or pull that you could want to get your kitchen looking its best.

At Northeast Cornwall Bridge, we strive to help our customers be happy with the decisions they make. We want our products to be prominently displayed in your newly remodeled bathrooms and kitchens, on as many cabinet doors and drawers as possible.

We have hardware from a few manufacturers in the U.S. and Connecticut that can provide products for you, including EMTEK, Top Knobs, and Rik International. We promise you will not have a hard time finding the right decorative cabinet hardware that you desire. All that time sifting through catalogs and magazines is wasted time. We have exactly what you have been looking for.

We know looking for hardware that matches the aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom can be difficult. If you are looking for drawer pulls or even cabinet knobs, we can relieve the stress that has been built up from constant page flipping. We have hundreds of knobs or pulls, and our vast variety of products will make you feel better and keep your cabinet look amazing.

Appealing decorative cabinet hardware can definitely be made easier by scheduling a free consultation with a member of our design team. Our designers can suggest antique hardware if you’re going for a more traditional look in your room, or recommend a clean, modern style that will pair nicely with a more contemporary cabinet design.

Here at Northeast Cornwall Bridge, our decorative cabinet hardware can be a focal point in your newly remodeled kitchen or serve as a compliment to dark wood cabinets or any other cabinet style that you choose to install. Each time your family or special guests visit, they will be wowed by the quality and style of every cabinet pull or knob.

Visit https://www.northeastco.com/decorative-hardware/ or call Northeast Cornwall Bridge today at (860) 672-4000 to speak to one of our specialists. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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