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Are you tired of looking at your drab kitchen and wishing it looked more like the kitchens shown on HGTV? Well, it’s probably time you start looking at a kitchen redesign, and the best place to start could be with your countertop. Keep reading along as we give you an overview of your best options for stone kitchen countertops in Connecticut.

Natural Marble Countertops

Probably the most obvious choice of material for a high-quality kitchen countertop. The material’s fine white finish is instantly recognizable and fits any color scheme. Marble also forms in different shades of gray, brown, and even green. The natural stone is mined at a quarry where it is then cut and shaped into a beautiful countertop.

Even though marble may be the best choice for you aesthetically it may not be from a function perspective. Marble is rated a 3 on the Mohs hardness scale which classifies it as a “soft” stone which means it is more prone to scratches and chips. For reference, a natural diamond is a 10 on the scale.

Natural marble is also porous which means that it can stain, especially from liquids like red wine and coffee.

Natural Granite Countertops

Yet another classic choice for countertop material. Like marble, granite is instantly recognizable because of its unique patterns and splotches and it comes in a wide variety of colors. Countertops made from granite are also produced using natural stone from a quarry.

Unlike marble, granite does not suffer from being a “soft” stone. It has a recorded Mohs hardness of 6 which means it’s much easier for you to maintain and it will last much longer.

Generally, granite is non-porous but this can vary depending on the specific type, so be careful when making your choice for granite kitchen countertops in Connecticut. Granite is also heat resistant, so no worries about placing hot pots and pans on the counter.

Quartz Countertops

Possibly one of the most popular materials for kitchen designers. Quartz countertops offer a smooth, natural stone appearance while also benefiting from the durability of the engineered stone manufacturing process.

Quartz countertops are made by combining roughly 90% quartzite crystal (the natural stone) with resin and other materials. This allows for many color and pattern combinations and can allow for natural or unnatural appearances.

Quartzite, and therefore quartz countertops, score a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale putting it slightly above granite in durability, and because of the additives in the manufacturing process, it is non-porous.

Whatever your choice of materials, you can depend on Northeast Kitchen Center for the highest quality design, fabrication, and installation for both residential and commercial locations, all at competitive prices.

Come to us for your kitchen countertops in Connecticut and the Northeast United States!

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