When you’re deciding how you’re going to design your kitchen, one of the first choices to make is who you will trust to make your dream a reality. With the best selection of kitchen countertops in Connecticut, there’s no better choice than to go with Northeast Kitchen Center. But next comes the hard part. What will your kitchen look like? What do you need out of your kitchen? What materials are you going to use?

While countertop materials such as granite are great, quartz may just be the perfect material for the kitchen of your dreams. Quartz carries with it several fantastic features that can up the style and functionality of your kitchen.

One of the primary strengths of quartz as a material for your countertop is its versatility when it comes to design. With materials such as granite or marble, the style of your countertop can be somewhat limited. Because of the way that it is formed naturally, you have to choose from the speckled and multicolored designs available, with no option for customization. With quartz, you have many different options to choose from to find one that is best suited to your taste. Because it is not completely natural, typically consisting of about 5% polymer resin and 95% natural quartz, quartz can be altered to get a color more in line with what you are looking for. And not only can Northeast Kitchen Center provide you with the best quartz kitchen countertops in Connecticut, they have a wide selection of cabinets that will perfectly complement your new countertop.

Another benefit that quartz has over other kitchen countertop materials is its relative environmental-friendliness. The process of quarrying marble and granite requires huge amounts of energy and often needs to be shipped huge distances to reach its final destination. Since quartz is partially engineered, which can be done locally, it eliminates most of the environmental impacts created by other materials. So, if being environmentally conscious is something that you keep in mind while making purchases, quartz is the material for you.

A major concern you may have is the amount of maintenance your new countertop will require, and the answer will vary depending on what material you choose. Granite countertops should be cleaned often in order to avoid any stains forming and may need to be resealed at some point depending on your maintenance. Quartz countertops also require cleaning, but that is all quartz needs in terms of maintenance. Quartz’s minimal requirements are a welcome addition to any kitchen, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Because of the impact it has on your daily life, deciding on the kitchen countertops in Connecticut that are best suited for you can be very difficult. This major decision is one that you don’t want to have to make again for the foreseeable future, and because of this, durability should be a top priority. Both granite and quartz are durable materials that will stand the test of time, though quartz does have an edge in this regard. Granite is a porous material, and because of this, stains can form if left unattended. In comparison, quartz as a material is harder than granite and is easier to keep free of bacteria. When considering how your countertops will hold up down the line, quartz appears to be the ideal material.

Whether you’re building a new home or just looking to update your kitchen, quartz may be your best choice for a countertop material. So if you want to choose from the best kitchen countertops in Connecticut, call Northeast Kitchen Center at 203.576.869 or visit to get in touch with a design specialist.

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