Northeast Building Supply is one of the local hardware stores located in the New Canaan, CT, area and we have many different in-store areas where you can shop to find exactly what you need for your home project.

Since the outside of your home got most of the attention during the summer, it is now time to give the inside of your home some attention.

It’s getting colder outside so now is the perfect time to focus on home improvements. Since the holidays are coming, we want to make sure that your home is upgraded and ready for visitors. Upgrading your home is going to make you more excited about cooking and hosting your guests with the new upgrades allowing you to show off all the improvements you have made to your guests. 

Not only do we have the basics such as tools, quality paint, and electrical and plumbing supplies but we also have holiday decorations that will allow you to prepare your home for the guests that you are going to be hosting over the next month. 

Making your home look great for your guests is a perfect reason to do a little painting. We have all the paint and supplies you will need to get a project started and finished before the holidays arrive. We’re one of the local hardware stores that has brushes, gloves, paint trays, and specialty items that will help you get started immediately.

In order to upgrade, start thinking about what your guests are going to see in your home. They will obviously be in the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms so those are good places to start. When you choose Weed & Duryea over the other local hardware stores in the area, you will find all the electrical and plumbing supplies needed to make the rooms what you want.

Once all the upgrades are complete, you will need to clean your home a final time before all the guests arrive. We have every cleaning supply imaginable along with brooms, mops, rubber gloves, and anything else to clean up a mess.

Once the renovations and clean-up are complete, you can sit back and relax with all of your guests and enjoy your newly improved home. Because we’re one of the top local hardware stores in the area, we will have what you need from start to finish.

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get started so your home is ready for the holidays. Visit us by clicking here to get started on an order or if you need help, give us a call at (203) 275-0812 to speak to a member of our customer service team.

We’re ready to help with your home improvement project. Call today!

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