Even as winter quickly approaches, there’s still time to sneak in one last do-it-yourself project before the cold weather settles in for several months. If there’s still a project on your list, head down to our lumber yard in Cornwall Bridge for the building materials and supplies that will help you get your project completed.

For homeowners who enjoy entertaining or relaxing on their outdoor deck, keeping up with the yearly maintenance or repairs most decks require can be an on-going struggle. If you are on the other end of the conversation (you are a homeowner who doesn’t have a deck but would really like one), remember that the Northeast Building Supply Home Center and lumber yard in Cornwall Bridge has everything you need to make repairs on your current deck or get started on a new one!

Take a look at some of the tips below. They may help you make the right decisions based on the particular project you are facing.

Take On The Project Yourself 

Nothing slows down a do-it-yourself project faster than multiple trips to the hardware store for materials or tools that were forgotten the first couple of times you were there. Let the specialists at our home center and lumber yard in Cornwall Bridge help you get everything you need the first time.

Our drive-thru lumber yard will allow you to select all the lumber, concrete, sonotubes, brackets, and anything else you could possibly need and then have it loaded into your car, truck, or van by members of our team. We’re also confident that we’ll have what you need to get your project underway in stock and ready for you to take back to your job site.

If you’re not sure how much lumber you will need or if you’re not sure you have the right tools for the job, our team can guide you through the process. We’ll break down the materials you’ll need, provide you with a price estimate, and make recommendations regarding the products that will keep you on budget but still give you the amazing outdoor living space you’re trying to create.

We’ll set you up for success, all you have to do is bring it home!

Types Of Decking 

There are three main types of decking materials: wood, composite, and specialty materials. When considering what type of material to use, many decisions will be based on the size of the budget you have for the project.

A wood deck is going to be your most economically sensible material when considering installation costs, but the price of maintaining a wood deck can make some homeowners reconsider. Any type of composite material will be more expensive up front but the durability of the material will reduce the annual costs of maintenance.

Composite materials do not come without some decision-making because there are numerous styles and colors to sort through, not to mention all the extras that are available.

Here’s a brief rundown of the primary materials you’ll find at our lumber yard in Cornwall Bridge.

Wood is a winner!

A natural wood deck is a classic choice for any backyard and the availability of pressure-treated lumber makes the construction process a little easier. If you are thinking about choosing a natural wood for the surface of your deck, we have cedar, Douglas fir, Ipe, and mahogany. Each is a great choice and would make your outdoor living space a great location for your family for years to come.


If ease of maintenance is a priority, a composite material is the best choice. Composite decking does not scratch, fade, stain, and is not susceptible to mold and mildew. It’s also a safe choice for families with children and pets because it won’t crack or splinter and if you’re not a big fan of sanding, staining, and sealing your deck every two years, it is probably your best choice.

Specialty Decking 

For specialty products, our top choice is Thermory. Thermory is our leading specialty product and is a responsibly-harvested material that is very durable. Thermory is rot resistant and highly functional in any location and is a great choice for any outdoor living space because of its stunning appearance. 

If you want to check out any of our lumber products or get a cost estimate, visit us online or call (203) 275-0812. We’ll help you get your project started and finished in a flash!

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