Modifying Your Kitchen With Trending Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen remodeling can upgrade your kitchen to a fresh look, but usually, remodeling takes a lot of time, costs a considerable amount of money, and can drain your energy. Simply changing your kitchen cabinet hardware may also serve a similar purpose without all the time, money, and trouble.

Modifying Your Kitchen With Trending Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Changing your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls is an easy and efficient way to change your kitchen style with a minimum amount of energy. It can also save you thousands of dollars because you’re not installing new cabinetry. 

There are many designs and shapes in kitchen cabinet hardware. Matching the different styles of hardware with your cabinet will give you surprises. Visit the Northeast Kitchen Center in Bridgeport where you’ll find inspiration from our showroom displays and the countless varieties of other kitchen cabinet hardware that can be ordered.

From traditional to contemporary, our wide range of selections can fit a kitchen of any style. With a more ornate and classic look, our traditional cabinet hardware suits your antique and rustic farmhouse-style cabinets. Usually, hardware with ridges, curved silhouettes, and textured detailing would fit a heritage design. Try to search for the hive knobs, knurled knobs, Radcliffe knobs, or similar types. If you have clean, sharp, minimalist-looking cabinets, check out the simple stainless steel designs, such as the Edgecliff pull, Alberta pull, hex knobs, or Riverwood knob. 

Kitchen cabinet hardware color is as important as the shapes. With different cabinet colors, you can choose to match the hardware with a similar tone or match it with contrasting colors. Usually, white cabinets go well with almost all ranges of colors. White hardware with a minimalist style creates simple and clean environments. Black hardware brings classical looks. Gold hardware creates luxury textures. Light colors like blue, yellow, or green add a bit of liveliness to the kitchen.

Sometimes, mixing metals and colors can also be interesting. Stainless steel appliances can be paired with silver or copper hardware, but they might also go with black or wooden hardware. Your space reflects your personal design choice, so don’t be afraid to break the rules. 

If you are unsure about the styles or colors, consult with one of our friendly staff in the Northeast Kitchen Center. You can pick out your top choices from our variety of selections and compare them with the shape, color, texture, and suitability of your cabinetry. Our experienced designers can also give you professional advice during the selection process. 

Northeast Kitchen Center is here to provide you with a free choice of high-quality kitchen cabinet hardware. We carry well-known manufacturers such as EMTEK, Top Knobs, Omina, Schaub, and Rik International. Also, you could support our Connecticut-based local companies such as Ador, Accurate, or Colonial Brass.

Cabinet knobs and pulls are small and easy to be neglected. However, the small hardware can tell more stories about your taste and personality than your cabinets. So don’t underestimate the power of details. Modifying the cabinet hardware may be more cost-effective than remodeling the cabinetry. 

Now that you have loads of inspiration, let’s put them in your kitchen. Come to the Northeast Kitchen Center in Bridgeport at 1452 Barnum Avenue. Pick the ideal hardware for your kitchen cabinet. Don’t forget that we always have friendly and experienced staff that can assist you as you shop.

For more information, give The Kitchen Center a call at (203) 307.1120 or click here to see our incredible selection of decorative kitchen cabinet hardware. We look forward to working with you on your project.

Modifying Your Kitchen With Trending Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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