Every day, the average person will be in their kitchen to cook a meal, pluck a snack out of a cabinet, grab a coat or sweater, or maybe just to relax with a morning cup of coffee. The kitchen is an overall reflection of how a house looks and feels and is a place where a lot of time is spent, so having a dream kitchen is a priority. To achieve your dream kitchen, give our kitchen supply store in Cornwall Bridge a call.

If you’re starting a kitchen remodeling project, replacing some outdated appliances, or creating a kitchen addition to add value to your home, everything you need can be found at our Northeast location in Cornwall Bridge.

There are many pieces to a kitchen. It can be the appliances, the feel of the countertops, the look of cabinets, and even the way lights are used to display the space. All of these factors can add up and impact the look of the kitchen. Making sure each one of these factors is accounted for during the designing stage of your project is essential to a successful project.

Design is the most important part of remaking a dream kitchen. It is the first step, where the designer meets the client and they discuss what is wanted, and from there the designer can shape the clients’ dream into a reality. The designer works with the information they gather from the client and uses their past experiences to create a kitchen that matches the client’s wishes.

Northeast has a dedicated and experienced team of designers who want to help you create your dream kitchen and use the most modern and best materials, supplies, and services that Northeast has to offer.

The different parts of a kitchen can be found at the Northeast kitchen supply store in Cornwall Bridge.


With the latest and most modern collection of windows, Northeast has it all. We offer all wood, steel, clad, vinyl, and aluminum windows to meet the diverse desires of any client. Installing energy-efficient windows in the kitchen can reduce the energy costs of an average household by allowing more natural light into a space. With the many different options of windows offered at the kitchen supply store in Cornwall Bridge, each window is customizable to fit your needs. Replacing windows can be tricky for some, so Northeast offers installation to ensure everything is right.


Countertops are what stand out most in kitchens. The materials and look of the countertops can show the quality of the kitchen. Northeast offers different kinds of materials and designs for countertops. As a premium kitchen supply store in Cornwall Bridge, we offer quartz, marble, cement, granite, and many more popular material options. During the design process, finding out what works best for the look and durability of your specific kitchen can make your kitchen more functional for years to come.


Known as the jewelry of the home, decorative hardware can often be overlooked during the design process if it’s not considered a priority. For many homeowners who are doing their own kitchen project, selecting decorative kitchen hardware that adds the final touch to a project may not be considered until a project is in its final stage when decisions can be rushed and patience is limited,

Don’t make that mistake. The look of the hardware used for cabinets can create an energy in the kitchen that completes the project. The finish and the design, the feel, how it fits the room, are all important thoughts when picking the right hardware for a kitchen. Northeast offers quality finishes, materials, and styles from the best brands on the market. With many options available online for purchase, it is the ideal place to look for new kitchen hardware.

These are just a few of the pieces that are needed for a new and modern kitchen. Whether using a Northeast designer or a self-build kitchen design program, Northeast is here. Northeast is more than a kitchen supply store in Cornwall Bridge, it has 4 other locations in CT, NY, NJ dedicated to building supplies and exterior and interior design, Call today.

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