Northeast Kitchen Supply Store in Cornwall Bridge has Everything

Whether you’re moving into a new house or looking to improve your current home, our kitchen supply store in Cornwall Bridge has the best products for home renovation, cleaning, or everyday needs.

Our fantastic selection of hardware, small home appliances, storage bins, and even door mats are guaranteed to satisfy. Read on to learn more about these products or come into the best kitchen supply store in Cornwall Bridge and pick them up with the help of our amazing staff.

Let the Cornwall Bridge Home Center help your project move forward as smoothly as possible with our variety of hardware options! Our staff is eager to help you find the best tools for your project. At our store, we offer typical brackets, clamps, and bolts, as well as necessary power tools and safety equipment.

Northeast Kitchen Supply Store in Cornwall Bridge has Everything

For common home projects, such as a kitchen renovation, we offer specialty cabinet hardware to best suit your home. Additionally, for larger, more expansive projects, the store has saw blades, ropes, and chains which can be used to cut large pieces of wood or move lumber and other heavy objects.

We understand that home renovations can take lots of time, effort, and grit, so we work with manufacturers to be sure our products are top quality for maximum performance and satisfaction! 

To truly make your house a home, you’ll need to stock up on all the everyday basics. At our kitchen supply store in Cornwall Bridge, we’ve got all the convenient appliances you need. Our state-of-the-art blenders, juicers, and coffee makers ensure that your mornings are quick and efficient, giving you the best quality drinks in just seconds.

We’re proud to carry top-notch Cuisinart appliances, such as their multi-functional toaster! Whether you’re toasting a bagel, defrosting bread, or simply reheating yesterday’s breakfast leftovers, Cuisinart has what you will need. You’ll also be able to keep your home spotless with our dustbusters, Bona and Swiffer sweepers, and vacuums!

We carry both standard and utility vacuums, giving you the flexibility you need to keep your home looking great. For the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, our dustbusters spot-clean these areas in a snap. For the most efficient, affordable small appliances in the area, trust Northeast’s kitchen supply store in Cornwall Bridge

To round out your rooms, don’t forget these common houseware products. We have Tupperware, closet hangers, and organizational bins that will give you the flexibility required for efficient household storage. Our Rubbermaid containers are excellent for leftovers or travel meals because they can be sealed and are solid.

Bins and closet hangers allow you to store shirts, pants, jackets, and more in easy-to-access areas of the home. For the best “welcome” to your home, pick out a stylish door mat that will make your entryway more appealing and comforting to guests. 

To check out our household products, visit our home center in Cornwall Bridge at 26 Kent Road South. Our knowledgeable staff will greet you with a smile and be ready to help you improve your home! For questions, visit our website here or call (860) 672-4000. We look forward to seeing you in our store soon! 

Northeast Kitchen Supply Store in Cornwall Bridge has Everything

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