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Custom windows and doors is our specialty at Northeast Architectural, where we have been providing builders, architects, and homeowners with quality products and installation expertise since 1994.

Our highly trained specialists have extensive backgrounds in window and door design and installation, and are available to guide clients through the process of selecting, purchasing, and installing for new construction or remodeling projects.

Our staff is trained to provide after-sale service support on all projects we sell, and provide American Institute of Architects (AIA) service within the brands we distribute.

Providing Window & Door Solutions Throughout the Tri-State Area


Arcadia’s steel line is based out of Tuscan, Arizona. Their thermal aluminum doors and windows are manufactured in Stamford, Connecticut. As a customer, you can visit their facility.


Centor is a family owned business. It was founded by German engineer Frank Spork in Brisbane, Australia in 1951. Constructed from thermally improved aluminum, Centor doors and windows will last a lifetime, thanks to their industry leading paint process.


Founded in 1947 in Québec, Canada. They use 100% of all Lepage wood waste to generate heat and steam for their production facilities, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and ultimately reducing their carbon footprint.


A privately owned company based in Merrill, Wisconsin. They are dedicated to manufacturing energy efficient products and managing their resources in a manner that reduces their impact on the environment. Lincoln offers numerous product enhancements to increase energy savings such as thermal breaks, weatherstripping and performance glass.


All of their products are hand forged, manufactured to work with the architectural style of your home. All iron doors come with tempered glass, maximizing impact resistance and energy efficiency.


Third-generation family-owned company started in 1969. Truly vertically integrated company. They own the land that grows the trees which provide the wood to make the windows and doors.


Founded in Phoenix, Arizona, Western Window Systems designs and manufactures high-quality products that bring indoor and outdoor spaces together. They strive to make the world a better place by reducing their ecological footprint and giving back to the community through a volunteer program.


As a dedicated manufacturer of Retractable Screen Solutions the Wizard product line is customized to each door or window.Their SmartScreen provides convenient insect control, UV protection, and features a captured edge which prevents blow-outs.

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