Are you thinking that just because summer is over it means you have to wait until next year to break out the grill again? You are so wrong! Here at the Weed & Duryea Home Center, we have all the Weber grill accessories to keep grilling fun – even in the winter.

We carry a variety of Weber grill accessories to keep you interested in cooking outdoors all year long and help you please all of the guests that you may be hosting. We have a couple of accessories to make sure your cooking experience is just as enjoyable during the winter months.

In order to prepare the best food, you are going to need the best tools. It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional Weber kettle charcoal grill or one of the many gas grills that Weber currently makes because grilling is a special experience any time of the year.

Your Weber Spirit or Weber Genesis gas grill can be used to make just about anything. You can grill vegetables in a cast iron skillet, roast a chicken using a stainless steel rotisserie, or make a bunch of burgers for family and friends.

Each method of cooking requires a different item to make the food successfully. In order to grill vegetables, you would want cooking grates that will be able to hold different sizes and shapes of food. If you were roasting a chicken, the best item to get is a chicken roaster, which will make it easier to place the chicken over the top of the 12-ounce beverage can. The roaster will create crispy skin and moist meat which can only be accomplished with this type of roaster.

If you are making burgers you are going to need the right spatula to flip the meat. Any of these Weber grill accessories can help you prepare the perfect meal. Cooking any meat to the perfect temperature will ensure that all your guests enjoy their meals and the only way to successfully accomplish this is to have an accurate thermometer.

The iGrill Bluetooth Smart Thermometer is a great choice when buying Weber grill accessories. This thermometer will connect to your smartphone which allows for an easy way to monitor up to four temperatures. This meat probe has 200 hours of battery life and it has a range of 150 feet.

There are many other features but this thermometer is a game-changer when it comes to grilling. Having this thermometer during the winter months means you don’t have to stand outside to wait for the food but can instead be indoors monitoring the progress of your food on your phone.

During the winter months, your grill is likely to stay outside which means it could be damaged by the elements if left unprotected. A new grill cover will make sure your grill is protected and ready to use at any time. It is better to invest in a cover than have to buy a new grill because snow and ice destroyed the last one.

Now is the best time to make sure that you get the cover along with all of your other Weber grill accessories such as a pizza stone or any of the amazing grilling pans that are manufactured by Weber.

Getting any of these accessories is going to make grilling over the next couple of months seem easy and allow you to fine-tune your cooking skills so you are ready to show off at the first family get-together. Take a look at the Weber products we carry by clicking here, or give us a call at (203) 275-0812.

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