For easy-to-achieve, continuous air and water barriers in roof and wall assemblies, no matter what the turn, twist, curve or corner, seal it in a flash with our ever-expanding family of sealing solutions. Our advanced acrylic tapes and powerful fluid-applied flashing options are available in a wide range of sizes to help you find the right fit for each application.

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Starter Kit Three-Piece Combo

6 Cans of Adhesive, 1 Gun, 1 Cleaner


Subfloor Adhesive Case

6 Cans

Adhesive Applicator Gun 14``

Adhesive Applicator Gun 28``

Adhesive Dispensing Polyurethane Gun Cleaner

ZIP System

3-3/4`` × 90' Vapor Permeable Tape

Great option for sealing unique environments that need higher permeance.

ZIP System Tape Roller

“Z” impression on tape provides visual indicator of where tape has been rolled

ZIP System 18`` Steel J-Roller

Specially designed for applying pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes

3`` × 20' Stretch Tape

Great for pipe penetrations

6`` × 20' Stretch Tape

Best for smaller projects

6`` × 75' Stretch Tape

Best for window sill pans

10`` × 20' Stretch Tape

Best for smaller projects

10`` × 75' Stretch Tape

Ideal for thicker multifamily wall assemblies

10.3 oz. Cartridge

Best for flashing windows

29 oz. Cartridge

Standard for panel seams and foundations

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