Picking the right flooring is very important as it will take some of the most wear and tear in the entire home. We have everything from distressed ultra-matte prefinished hardwoods, custom wide plank, and even easy to install manufactured flooring options.

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Solid Hardwood is installed, then sanded smooth and finished to a glass like surface. Available in a variety of wood species, grades and widths.


Solid hardwood finished at the factory, then installed in the home. The factory finish provides a wear protection unmatched by anything that can be done on site


A thin layer of wood veneer applied over a plywood or fiberboard core. They can be used throughout the home, but are ideal in higher moisture environments or over concrete where they can be glued down or floated.


A durable high resolution plastic photograph of wood over a fiberboard core. The pieces interlock and snap together, floating over the subfloor rather than attaching to it. A great cost effective solution


Similar to a laminate, but applied over a plastic core. This makes it a highly water resistant product and a great option for high traffic areas such as mudrooms and kitchens.


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