Siding is one of, if not the most, obviously defining characteristics of what a home looks like. Whether you are going to be patching in a small area to match an existing house or building a new house with a combination of different types of styles and materials, there are lots of options to choose from.

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Siding Style and Material Types

Board and Batten

Board and Batten is a style of vertical siding where wide boards are first installed side by side, with narrow boards applied over the joints of the wider boards. Like a profiled shingle it can be used on the whole project or just in particular areas.


Boral is a brand of siding and exterior trim made from fly ash. It is extremely weather resistant and more environmentally friendly than many alternatives. Its available as clapboard or patterned siding.


Clapboard is horizontal running boards that overlap one another. Available in cedar, vinyl, fiber cement, PVC, or Boral, there are plenty of sizes, colors and textures to consider.


Patterned siding can be installed horizontally or vertically. Its available in many popular styles such as shiplap, nickel gap, or channel rustic and in different materials like cedar, pine, or Boral. It can even be custom milled to allow a look that is truly your own.


Traditionally individual cedar shingles were applied as a siding with a tremendous life cycle. It’s still a very common option, but now other materials such as vinyl or fiber cement are sold in a panel form that makes for quick install. Shingles are usually done with square bottom edges, but “fancy cuts” such as fish scale or diamond are popular in gabels or other accent areas.


Once seen only as a cheap alternative to clapboard siding, there are now options for very realistic looking shingle, patterned or board and batten styles, as well as some vast improvements to the basic clapboard styles.

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