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So much more than just an entrance, exterior doors can be a work of art, like a piece of fine furniture. Whether it’s a grand front entry or a utility back door, there is much to consider like weather resistance, security, privacy, and most importantly style.

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All Wood

Whether it will be painted, clear coated, or stained, an all wood door is the classic entry to a door. Wood doors allow you to pick an off the shelf design or completely customize every detail. And with modern technologies, wood doors can be used in just about any situation.


Made from a weather resistant layer, Fiberglass doors can be ordered with a smooth paintable surface or stainable wood grain in a variety of species. Manufactures mimic traditional wood door styles, while capturing current design trends.


Offered by window manufacturers as a seamless complement to their windows, clad doors feature wood interior components and aluminum exterior components. This makes these doors very weather resistant without sacrificing any of the wood characteristics on the inside.


Rather than just an exterior cladding, aluminum doors are wholly aluminum, allowing for minimal stile and rail dimensions and the largest glass surfaces possible.


Also made by the window companies, vinyl doors match the vinyl windows, with durable exterior and interior surfaces that do not require finishing. Though they can be done as hinged doors, they are most commonly ordered as sliding doors.


In terms of design and durability, steel doors are similar to smooth, paintable fiberglass doors. Often these are used as an economical option in utility areas such as basements or garages.


Depending on the layout and the amount of glass a door has there are many options that can be picked from basics such as clear or frosted, to textured privacy glass or decorative glass with a number of colors, textures, and patterns within one door.


Front Entrance

Typically the front entrance is the first thing someone focuses on when looking at a home from the outside. While these are can be just a single door, some homes use double doors, sidelights, or transoms.


While technically all exterior doors are considered entry doors, these refer to more simplistic designed doors, giving access to more utility spaces, such as mudrooms, backyards, basements, or garages.


French Doors has become a sort of catch all phrase for doors that can be single or double and with or without grills. Ultimately the defining characteristic is a panel of glass going the entire length and width of the door. Though they can be used throughout the home, these are most common on the rear of the home leading to a porch, patio, or the backyard.

Sliding / Patio

Available in two, three, or four panel configurations sliding doors, are another popular choice to transition to porches, patios, and yards. Because the doors slide rather than swing they don’t interfere with furniture or cabinetry and are a great option in tight spaces.

Bi-Fold and Multi-Slide

One of the most popular design trends today is blending indoor and outdoor spaces and with sizes upwards of 24’ these function more as a moveable wall than a door. Bifold doors are hinged together to form an almost accordion like stack, where as a multi-slide is a type of sliding door where three or more panels slide to one side allowing a massive clear opening.

Storm and Screen

To allow for additional light and ventilation, many customers opt to install a storm and/or screen door. These can be made from metal or wood and there are plenty of styles to choose from.

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