For more than 65 years, Northeast Building Supply has been serving the professional building industry in the tri-state area and southwest Massachusetts with lumber and finishing materials from our Connecticut Locations which feature:

  • On-Time and In-Full Delivery
    • We employ highly-skilled and professional load builders and drivers
    • We deliver to all areas of Connecticut, southern Massachusetts and eastern New York State
  • Innovative delivery and dispatch software
    • Our internal order tracking manages materials from picking, staging and dispatch
    • GPS tracking of truck delivery routes and material deliveries to improve fuel and time efficiency
    • Photographic evidence to verify inventory following a delivery
    • Efficient route scheduling
  • Well-maintained fleet of delivery vehicles
    • Moffett Trucks
    • Flatbed trucks
    • Pick-up trucks (Express delivery)
    • Millwork Box trucks
    • Vans
  • We maintain a vast inventory of lumber and building supplies at Bridgeport, New Canaan and Cornwall Bridge locations
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