Roofs require suitable frames to keep your home secure. There should be no uncertainty about the quality or suitability of your home’s construction especially when your family’s safety could be at risk. Luckily, Northeast Bridgeport Lumber provides roof trusses for sale for your home improvement needs.

Roof trusses are much better alternatives to rafters. While rafters are costly and custom-made, trusses are inexpensive and often mass-produced. It’s no surprise that trusses are more than 30% cheaper than rafters.

Home construction is an expensive process so any dollar saved goes a long way. Carpenters and homeowners alike know that prefabricated roof trusses for sale from Northeast Bridgeport Lumber save a great deal of time!

A crane can install a truss within a few hours as opposed to the lengthy process of installing rafters. Both rafters and trusses may become damaged if exposed to excessive rain or sunshine, therefore it is helpful to be able to complete the construction quickly.

Trusses also distribute the weight to the exterior walls which means there is no need for support beams. This allows for open floor plans, which are becoming much more common among modern homes. Trusses are also much more preferable for larger houses because of their weight distribution.

On the other hand, rafters focus on the interior walls which could make renovations difficult if you want to change anything in the house later on. It is important to consider the long-term aspect before making any decisions.

Unfortunately, trusses cannot be easily changed after they are installed as rafters can. Cutting any part of the truss can undermine the integrity, so be sure that you have chosen the correct design when ordering. However, trusses still use less wood than rafters and they create a more stable end product while using fewer materials.

Northeast Bridgeport has a multitude of options for roof trusses. We work with you to get the design that would make your house stand out from the rest. Certain designs will allow for attic space for extra storage in your home. Depending on how big you would like your attic, we can develop a plan that is right for you.

All of our trusses are designed with an overhang to enable water to flow naturally off your roof. We have 18 truss designs and 5 different overhang styles to choose from. Check our website for more information.

When designing your new shed or even renovating your home, it is important to think about the options you may have. While rafters have a certain architectural appeal, roof trusses are convenient, efficient, and are quite adaptable.

Consider Northeast Bridgeport’s roof trusses for sale in your next home improvement project. Visit our website or contact us at (203) 275-0812 for a quote today!

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