No Other Simulated Steel Product Rewards You in So Many Ways

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Impeccable Design

Embodying nearly 60 years of advancements in door and window design, our thermally broken simulated steel line of moving glass walls and windows reaches new heights of luxury and refinement. Of course, the elements that make Western Window Systems a top choice among architects — clean, narrow profiles to keep glass big and maximize the amount of natural light — are still unmistakable.

Customized to Your Vision

From traditional projects with factory-style windows and doors to modern minimalist looks featuring large panes of glass, you’ll find nearly limitless expression with our simulated steel line. Choose made-to-order moving glass walls and windows that, thanks to a signature design, can go taller and wider than you’d expect. Options such as split finishes, screens, and hardware allow for even more design flexibility.

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Superior Performance

Built with a signature aluminum extrusion design, across-the-board low U-value ratings, and low-E, argon-filled dual-pane glass, Western Window Systems’ thermally broken simulated steel line is all about reducing energy consumption. A proprietary Insulbar profile assists in increased thermal performance and strength. All product families are NFRC-tested to a design pressure rating of 50 and support laminated and security glass essential for noise reduction.

Faster, Easier, and More Affordable

Unlike steel doors and windows that can cost double the price of aluminum, require field glazing, and include lengthy lead times, Western Window Systems’ simulated steel line is all about inspiration, efficiency, and value. Of course, there’s a price advantage — but there also are completely customizable products, short production lead times, and pre-glazed systems to reduce handling and installation time.

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Make a Statement on an Epic Scale

Designed around narrow sightlines, beveled glass stops, and coped muntin bars, our simulated steel line replicates the existing steel profiles used in many historic buildings, universities, and commercial projects. Thermally broken aluminum, low U-values, and superior design pressure ratings mean you have the strength and performance to bring your biggest ideas to life.

The Features You Want, the Capabilities You Expect

6 narrow

Narrow, Clean Profiles

Decidedly design-forward, the simulated steel line is all about detail, such as beveled glass stops and .875” simulated divided lites (SDLs) designed to emulate a steel putty glaze.

7 high performance

High-Performance Glass

Options from Cardinal IG include laminated glass, solar- and glare-control glass, enhanced winter performance glass, and low-maintenance glass.

10 finishes


Available in-stock, as designer selections, or customized to match any color.

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Easy Integration

Simulated steel doors and windows easily integrate to form a unified look.

Solutions for Every Home and Architectural Style

D 7600
Series 7600s Multi-Slide Door
D 7650
Series 7650s Sliding Glass Door
D 7950
Series 7950s Bi-Fold Door
D 7900
Series 7900s Hinged Door
D 7980
Series 7980s Pivot Door
D 7630
Series 7630s Window Wall
D 7670
Series 7670s Casement Window
D 7660
Series 7660s Awning Window
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