Have you recently decided to remodel your home and you are looking to add natural sunlight into a room? Here’s an idea. How about illuminating your living space with small round windows that open to allow a constant stream of fresh air to enter the space.

Custom windows are our specialty at Northeast Architectural. We aim to provide our customers with the knowledge and expertise of our highly trained specialists. Whether you’re in need of wide floor-to-ceiling windows to illuminate your living space or small round windows that open in a library or a study, our team is fully equipped to assist clients throughout the complex process of choosing, purchasing and installing windows.

Unlike most rectangular windows, small round windows that open provide an unconventional flair to your home’s design. With vertical and horizontal opening alignments, these windows allow a new way to see the world. Perfectly tailored for the bathroom, kitchen, hallways and especially nooks, their organic shape produces a steady stream of air that circulates throughout each room and into the larger areas of the house.

If you’re unsure of where to start, we have a dedicated window selection guide. Here you can view the advantages of each type of material, finishes, accessories, and hardware for any designs you have in mind. For small round windows that open, the possibilities are endless!

At Northeast Architectural, windows are extremely customizable to ensure that every detail you need is accounted for. Our friendly staff is happy to guide you through every step, as customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.

We also take into account those who require weathering or want to upgrade to energy efficient options, as more advanced technology is released and becomes commercially available. This purchase could also save a portion of your bills through the reduced energy costs in the years following installation.

All you have to do is let us know what you’re looking for, and the rest is history. You can also call us at (732) 517-7321 for a consultation. Our team of specialists will also review structural drawings and fenestration plans to give you full control of the layout within each room.

At this stage, small round windows that open can be placed in strategic locations accounting for typical wind direction, interior air streams and sunlight exposure, making each room of the house vibrant and fresh.

Customers can also visit our design showrooms at our New Jersey, New York and Connecticut locations. Here, you can easily browse through our samples of various sizes, while requests for private meeting rooms are available for client consultations.

At Northeast Architectural, we strive to provide each client with the correct installation specifications, viewing and editing of architectural drawings, and state-of-the-art supervision when conducting on-site deliveries. We’re here for you at each stage of the process, as we aim to be the pillar that supports your creativity.

Our goal has always been to make your vision of a fresher and brighter home a reality. We work around your preferences, needs and circumstances to make sure you’re satisfied with the end results.

We understand how exciting it can be to remodel or build a new home from scratch, which is why we’ll give each window your signature personalized flair!

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