solid gold

Claymarkr Solid GoldTM is the gold standard for solid (no finger-joints) exterior trim. Precision manufactured from 100% clear New Zealand radiata pine boards.

  • Solid GoldTM utilizes the patented Tru Core® treatment process resulting in 100% penetration (heartwood and sapwood) of every board. With no offensive odor, Solid Gold” is ideal for all exterior and interior applications.
  • Claymark® finishes this perfectly clear radiata pine board with a 100% acrylic primer to help prevent tannin and resin bleed, providing better topcoat adhesion and flexibility. All four sides are evenly coated under ideal factory conditions.
  • Claymark® Solid Gold’ is backed by a 50 year written limited warranty against decay, rot and termites (including Formosan).
  • No wood preservative field treatment is required on cut ends or drilled holes, eliminating extra work in the field.
  • These superior product features and benefits make Solid GoldTM Exterior Trim your best long-term exterior trim investment.
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