If you are remodeling your kitchen, or if you are building a new home, we recommend you invest in Medallion Cabinets. They are the perfect combination between beautiful and functional, and they are perfect for all types of kitchens and storage areas.

Here at Northeast Kitchen Center, we work with Medallion, a professional cabinet manufacturer to bring you quality, functional kitchen cabinets. When you work with us and our partners at Medallion Cabinetry, you will receive products that fit your needs and desires.

In addition to professional craftsmanship, Medallion Cabinets are created to fit your style. Our priority is that you love the look of your home, so no detail will go unnoticed. We can assure you that your dream kitchen design will come to life.

We offer a variety of kitchen and bathroom cabinets for you to choose from, including ones that help you stay organized. For example, we can turn drawers into spice racks, cutlery dividers, and we can even install bins into your kitchen storage. In addition to the different types of organizational cabinets, Medallion offers cabinetry including kitchen islands, hoods, and pantry doors.

The beauty of Medallion Cabinets is that we can work around your vision for your kitchen. With different style options including farmhouse, contemporary, traditional, and modern, you can bet your kitchen will be unlike any other.

The farmhouse styles feature simple paint finishes and gives your kitchen a warm and rustic feel. This timeless style is elegant and has beautiful accents that will make your kitchen stand out.

The light contemporary styles are modern and sleek, capturing today’s design trends. These styles showcase glossy surfaces and are made with innovative, top-of-the-line materials.

The modern styles also offer a 21st century take on kitchen cabinetry. These styles are sleek with warm wood tones and earthy hues to give your kitchen an outdoorsy feel.

Medallion’s traditional styles are beautiful and elegant. They feature rich wood stains, raised panel door styles, and offer various different tones to choose from.

Finally, their transitional styles are extremely versatile. They showcase clean lines, natural palettes, and various textures to fit your style. No matter which style you choose, your kitchen cabinets will be functional and high quality.

Within each of these styles are multiple variations of the style, so you have endless options to choose from! Our artisans craft all Medallion Cabinets by hand with only the highest quality wood products. Their high quality craftsmanship ensures that your investment will last for years to come.

Not only will choosing Medallion be great for your home, it will also help the environment. Medallion partners with ecologists, forestry experts, and wildlife biologists to make sure they are giving back to our environment. They make sure to replace every tree harvested with two new seedlings.

To schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss your next project, call us at (203) 576-8696. To see all our Medallion Cabinets, check out https://www.northeastco.com/kitchen-center/.

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