Whether you just started your search for home improvement stores, or you’ve been at it for a while, look no further than the Weed & Duryea Home Center. We’re the home improvement store in New Canaan CT that has the supplies for all your remodeling and new construction needs.

At Weed & Duryea, we offer everything from windows to paints and can help guide your selections and make recommendations for your construction project.

Weed & Duryea is a home improvement store that will give big-box stores a run for their money. We offer quality products and prioritize customer service. Our store prides itself on operating honestly and with integrity. If you’re on a mission to complete a project, we’re on a mission to help you find everything you need to finish the job.

If in-store shopping is your jam, Weed & Duryea offers unparalleled customer service and expertise. Customer service is a core value for the home improvement store in New Canaan CT. Our Google reviews mention helpful employees in almost everyone, so there’s no more trying to find an experienced worker to help.

We’ve all been in a situation where you enter a big-name home improvement store, but you can’t find a soul to help you find the things you need. Then, when you finally find someone, the worker doesn’t seem to know how to help you, so they pass you off to another employee. It’s frustrating and can make someone want to shop online or at other hardware stores.

Which, if you prefer to shop online for home improvement supplies, Weed & Duryea has an easy-to-use website to buy everything you need and pick up in-store. The best part is your online order is ready within 24 hours for pick-up at the home improvement store in New Canaan CT.

This is a huge time-saver! You can also request an online quote for anything you need which is not only convenient but an easy way to create an estimated budget.

Our website has a helpful resources page that new customers may find worth visiting. The informative video library covers topics like replacement windows and doors, building, lawn and garden, and paint.

The lumber and building section describes the lumber offered and what it is best used for so that even the most experienced home builder can learn from it. The ideas and tips section showcases the newest trends and useful information to help you start and finish the job. There is even a nifty mulch calculator to determine how much mulch is needed for your beds and planting areas. The resources page is a good substitute for getting in-store expertise.

Weed & Duryea is sure to be your new go-to home improvement store in New Canaan CT. Once you do business with us, you will forget about the big-box store hassle. Because we conduct business honestly and with integrity, our full service store will give you the best customer service in town.

Because of our wide array of quality products and services and our knowledgeable employees, our store has you covered for any construction supply needs you might have.

Visit our website here or shop in the store at 21 Grove Street in New Canaan. If you are looking for some unique inspiration you can follow Weed & Duryea on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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