With the end of the school year approaching, many teachers are already starting to think about their plans for next year. Whether you’re moving up to teach fourth grade or will be back with a new crew of kindergartners, making your classroom functional yet chique is on every teacher’s mind. To help you get the most out of your very low budget for your classroom, if you have one at all, we’ve compiled a list of our top 2 local hardware store hacks every teacher should know.

1. Cleaning supplies

Alright, this isn’t necessarily a hack, but it’s still important to go over before you can start upstyling items. When you’re finally given the key to your new classroom, you might have butterflies in your stomach as you twist the key and open the door to the next year of your life. However, when you swing the door open, you may be met with a swirling cloud of dust in your face.

While many teachers diligently clean their classrooms at the end of the school year, many go untouched throughout the summer. This means that they just sit and collect dust for an entire 3-month period. While some schools may have the janitorial team run through each classroom before you see it, you’ll still want to do a thorough deep clean before you begin the decorating process.

Local hardware stores offer a wide variety of cleaning products from a spray bottle good ol’ Windex to Pine Sol to nearly every type of mop you could imagine. Our top recommendation for teachers is to invest in a microfiber dusting mitt. We say “invest,” but most microfiber dusting mitts sell for about $3 a pop, so you won’t be ruining your budget on these handy tools.

Microfiber dusting mitts are perfect at getting in every nook and cranny that a swiffer can’t since you wear these on your hand like a glove. They are also incredibly long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to take extra trips to the store to burn a hole in your budget. Once they’ve collected enough dust and grime, simply take them home with you and throw them in the wash.

2. Mechanic’s stool

At the start of the school year, most teachers are given a boring, old office chair at their desk. While many teachers are fine with this option, we recommend supplementing it with a rolling mechanic’s stool. Simply use the office chair while you’re sitting at your desk and when you need to go over to help a student, roll the mechanic’s stool along with you.

The major benefit of having a mechanic’s stool is the tray at the bottom. You can add stickers, pens, pencils, crayons, extra paper, and more in the tray for any of your needs as a teacher. We get that teachers spend long days on their feet, so minimizing trips back and forth in the classroom can be key. If you’re looking to spice up your mechanic’s chair, you can buy a yard of fabric from the store and create a cute little cushion cover.

For more teacher classroom tips and tricks, Northeast Weed & Duryea is here to help. We are a local hardware store in New Canaan, CT, with a wide variety of home improvement services and products for all your needs. Unlike other big box stores, we’re here to listen to your desire and supplement them with our expert opinion. To check out more of what we have to offer and get some more upcycling ideas, visit us online.

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