At Northeast Bridgeport Lumber, we know what it takes to take your home to the next level. With our Trex composite decking, we are able to provide an eco friendly material that satisfies all you need as a homeowner while searching for that perfect option to complete an outdoor living space. It may be daunting to look at all of the decking options available, but at Northeast Bridgeport Lumber we are able to guide you to the right deck-building materials for your home.

Summer is quickly approaching and the pandemic is slowly easing. More and more people are going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. However, going outside to tan or entertain on a splintered and rotting deck is certainly not ideal.

Outside decks can make a house more beautiful or become an eyesore if the wood that was used is worn down within a few short years. It’s one reason why many homeowners switch from wood to a composite material when they need to replace their deck.

The Trex composite decking that is available at our Bridgeport location is perfect for all weather and environments. There are numerous reasons why you should choose Trex for your next deck.

Let’s examine why using Trex composite decking will make it impossible to go back to wood. Trex deck boards are high-performance natural materials that are made from recycled products. Unlike wood, Trex composite decking materials do not fade and stain and can be easily pressure cleaned to clean and prepare your deck for the beautiful summer weather.

Wood decks can rot and splinter and will need to be stained or painted annually. Our composite deck boards do not need constant maintenance, and although made from composite materials, Trex products are made to look like natural wood.

Trex is different from normal wood decking and railing materials, but offers the same perks with none of the trouble of pressure-treated lumber. These plastic composites have been proven to be safer, stronger, and straighter than many other deck options. There are multiple different types of Trex decks including Trex Transcend “Tropicals” and “Earth Tones”, Trex Select “Earth Tones”, and Trex Enhance “Naturals” and “Basics.”

Transcend “Earth Tones” is more for a classic look for uncompromising homes where “Tropicals” is used to elevate aesthetics paired with the highest level of performance. With the Select “Earth Tones” you will find that it is perfect in regards to price and the minimal maintenance you hope for.

The Trex Enhance “Naturals” brings the beauty of normal wood but all the perks of composite. This is the perfect material if you love the look of wooden decks. The “Basics” is the most affordable deck material in the collection and is one of the most popular selections for outdoor settings.

Our team of experts at Northeast Bridgeport Lumber will be able to help you select the Trex material that will be best for your desired style of deck.

As we continue to provide you with the services you deserve at Northeast Bridgeport Lumber, we are keeping safety a top priority as well. Throughout the pandemic we have been able to safely help you choose the best approach to building your deck.

With growing popularity, Trex has become the safest and most trendy option for completing a child-friendly home. We are dedicated to helping you complete your deck project with Trex so you can never worry about the care and maintenance of your deck again.

The summer is quickly approaching. Everyone with composite decks will be able to walk around without worrying about getting splinters in their feet, or an infestation of carpenter bees that will destroy the wood. Why would you wait to build a deck with Trex materials?

If you are interested in Trex composite decking services, check out our site here or call Northeast Bridgeport Lumber at (203) 332-6861. We look forward to serving you!

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