Elevating your outdoor living space is easy when you use any of Northeast Building Supply’s many varieties of outdoor deck materials. But if you want to have one of the best-looking decks in the neighborhood, Trex composite decking is the brand to choose.

With more than 20 styles and material choices, Trex composite decking will make your deck a show-stopper and an outdoor living area that your family and friends will want to spend hours enjoying during the entire year.

Trex composite decking is durable and will look great no matter how much wear it receives. Pets and children can play safely on the strong composite planks that are manufactured to stand up to active lifestyles and the families and individuals who will be using the deck.

The long-term durability of Trex composite decking is what makes it a better option than traditional wooden decks. It may cost more to install, but you will get more from your outdoor experience with our high-performance, high-quality material options.

Composite planks are easy to clean too. With Trex composite decking, all you need is soap and water to restore your surface to its original look. Gone is the need for wood deck cleaners, and the frequent chore of sanding, staining, and coating the wood with a polyurethane finish to protect it from damage.

We value carrying a product that is not only appealing but eco-friendly. Trex composite decking offers an organic product made with 95% recycled materials that is manufactured in the United States. Trex has other environmentally friendly products that will resist mold and mildew and other natural conditions that will eat away at wood decks.

Weather is one of the biggest enemies of wood decks. Over time, the effects of Mother Nature can batter wood decks and cause the wood to warp and wear, no matter how well it’s cared for. Trex composite decking uses precision engineering to ensure surfaces remain flat and straight for long periods of time.

Trex is different from normal wood decking and railing materials but offers the same perks with none of the trouble of pressure-treated lumber. These plastic composites have been proven to be safer, stronger, and straighter than many other deck options. There are multiple different types of Trex decks including Trex Transcend “Tropicals” and “Earth Tones”, Trex Select “Earth Tones”, and Trex Enhance “Naturals” and “Basics.”

Transcend “Earth Tones” is more for a classic look for uncompromising homes where “Tropicals” is used to elevate aesthetics paired with the highest level of performance. With the Select “Earth Tones” you will find that it is perfect in regards to price and the minimal maintenance you hope for.

The Trex Enhance “Naturals” brings the beauty of normal wood but all the perks of composite. This is the perfect material if you love the look of wooden decks. The “Basics” is the most affordable deck material in the collection and is one of the most popular selections for outdoor settings.

Snow, rain, and mud stand no chance against a deck made from Trex composite decking materials. Made to last, our durable decks will withstand the worst a New England winter has to offer.

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