Visit our Garden Supply Store in Cornwall Bridge

It’s spring, the season of flowers. If you want to add some new species to your backyard, our garden supply store in Cornwall Bridge is the best place to start. We offer a huge selection of products that will complete your gardening needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are a zero experience beginner or an expert gardener, you will always find the best products to keep your plants healthy and productive. 

Garden supply store in Cornwall Bridge

In our garden supply store in Cornwall Bridge, you will have a one-stop shopping experience with our diverse supplies, including seeds, soils, pots and planters, tools, pest and weed controls, fertilizers, and more.

Choosing the right products can sometimes be frustrating. If you find yourself walking through the display racks but are unable to make a decision after 10 minutes of looking, here are some tips that you might want to know before you visit our store.

Observe your planting environment

Location is essential for real estate as well as for gardening. The amount of sunlight, rainfall, water flow, and airflow in the planting site could be factors for plant health. Salvia, lavender, and butterfly weed thrive under the direct sun. Flowers like coral bells, foam flowers, and peace lily can only survive under conditions with limited amounts of sunlight. We have numerous plant types and seeds to choose from that best fit your unique environments.

Check your soil condition

Soil is the bed for your plants. The soil structure, pH, moisture, nutrients, and organic matter are all determinants of plant health. If your garden soil has not done well in the past, choose a pH-balanced potting soil with rich organic matter for our garden supply store in Cornwall Bridge to build a comfortable bed for your plants. Also, don’t forget to add a blanket for your plants. A protective mulch layer can help your soils store moisture, prevent weeds, and insulate from high/low temperatures.

Take care of your plants

To maintain your plant health, we also sell topsoil and fertilizers. Topsoil usually covers the top 2 inches of your soil bed to fill up eroded parts or fill in holes. Although your soil might already contain rich organic matter, fertilizers are always necessary. We carry organic fertilizers that can efficiently release microbial populations for your plants’ root uptake. 

Protect your plants from pests and weeds

You might think pests and weeds are not a problem when you start potting, but it’s always a wise choice to have pest and weed control in hand before a problem occurs. We have a wide selection of products to help you prevent weeds and pests from invading your potted plants or garden that could eventually cause you heartache.  

If you have other concerns about your lawn or garden, our Northeast garden supply store in Cornwall Bridge is always here to help. 

You can visit us at our Cornwall Bridge store and meet with any of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. They can help you pick out the best products for your lawn or garden that will keep them green and productive all season long.

You can also call (203) 366-4757 or visit us here to check out the other products and services that our Northeast Building Supply store in Cornwall Bridge can supply.. 

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