A big part of our focus at Weed & Duryea is supplying quality products to professional builders, architects, and do-it-yourself specialists. But we also have an amazing garden tool shop in New Canaan as well.

We know it is cold outside right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t think ahead to the spring. Over the next couple of months, there might be mounds of snow that are going to ruin the work you did in your garden this past year, but that’s no reason you can’t be prepared once spring rolls around.

Our garden tool shop in New Canaan is a great place to get all the tools you will need as soon as the weather warms. Not only do we have tools, we also have different types of plant food that will get your soil in shape as quickly as possible so all your plants thrive once spring and summer arrive.

With the plants and shrubs in the garden fertilized, you can turn your energy to the birds that will want to visit. We have bird feeders and bird feed to make sure all the birds that make their home in your yard are getting the right amount of food and love.

To really show off the work you have done in your yard, you will need to have the next big family get-together at your home. This is the perfect time to show everyone the garden you have been working on as well as the birds that keep coming back for those special treats.

Obviously, you can’t have a party without having the right barbecue equipment to make a delicious meal for your hungry guests. We have gas grills and charcoal grills and all the latest supplies to help you prepare a meal that will be remembered by your family and guests.

We also have all the accessories that will take your grilling experience to the next level. We have barbecue utensils, cooking grates, pans, and charcoal to help you cook to perfection. It’s just another reason why our garden tool shop in New Canaan is the right place to go for just about everything you will need for your home or garden.

After you feed all your guests, you can relax with them around the fireplace. This is the perfect way to conclude a summer night. It is just cold enough where the fire feels nice, warm, and relaxing so you can kick back and relax with all your friends and family.

To make a great fire, you’ll need wood and the right fireplace equipment. Here at Weed & Duryea that isn’t a problem. Come in, get what you need, and make your night around the fire easier because you have everything you need. Take a well-deserved break after preparing meals and serving your guests all day.

Our garden tool shop in New Canaan is a one-stop shop for everything you need to host your next party. We have your garden tools, bird feeders, grilling supplies, accessories for your fireplaces and much more. Click here to see all the products we offer. You can give us a call at (203) 275-0812 to talk to a customer service representative about the supplies we offer.

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