Weed & Duryea is your Kitchen Cabinet Store in New Canaan

When you are starting to remodel your kitchen, the Northeast Building Supply cabinet store in New Canaan should be your starting point. We specialize in the design of cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, home office, and more.

Weed & Duryea is your Kitchen Cabinet Store in New Canaan

Our newly remodeled kitchen showroom showcases the latest in cabinetry and countertop offerings and is where we can help walk you through all the processes involved in a kitchen renovation, including the search for inspiration, creating designs, configuring dimensions, and finally, the installation of the cabinets. 

Before visiting our cabinet store in New Canaan, you may want to consider some tips that will help our design team better assist you during the process.

First, let’s create an overall tone for your ideal cabinetry. Usually, an all-white kitchen is classic. However, based on the style of your home, your choice of cabinet color may vary. If your home is traditional, you may want to choose a darker stain or creamy white. If your home is modern, you may have a variety of choices that will add a pop of colors such as olive green, lime yellow, or navy blue.

Don’t forget to bring a photo of your home decoration to our designers when visiting our cabinet store in New Canaan because it will help our designers to create the ideal design for your cabinetry no matter which area of the home you are renovating.

Knowing your room dimensions is also essential to properly design the space you have. Usually, our designers will offer three different sketches for your cabinetry design: floor plan, elevation, and perspective.

A floor plan layout will show all the components that fill the space in the view from the ceiling. Elevation drawings map out all the details of the cabinetry on each wall as you are looking at it. This plan displays elements the floor plan can’t and presents the overall height of the cabinetry you are planning to install.

Finally, the perspective drawings are a three-dimensional image that are viewed through the eyes of a person who is 5 feet, 6 inches tall. By providing an accurate dimension of your room, our designers can create a rough plan that will be a start to your design.

If you are worried about your budget, don’t panic. Our experienced staff will recommend the cabinets that fit your vision and save you money too. Our cabinetry is made by some of the leading manufacturers in the U.S. so you will never have to worry about the quality. Installation is optional. If you need a hand with the installation process, you can request a quote to work with our licensed professional contractors. Our one-stop service can fulfill all your needs. 

Besides our comprehensive service, our cabinet store in New Canaan is also staffed with skilled and experienced designers. One of our designers, Anthony Capua, has 30 years of experience as an industrial/experiential designer, specializing in dynamic exhibits, trade shows, showrooms, and corporate brand and product environments. As a professor of Exhibition and Interior Design at the University of Bridgeport, he has won “Best in Show” awards at six exhibit industries. 

Now you’re prepared for a visit to our cabinet store in New Canaan, and you’ll know what to expect when you meet with one of our designers. If you have other questions, call (203) 966.2673, go online, or visit our Weed & Duryea store at 21 Grove Street in New Canaan

Weed & Duryea is your Kitchen Cabinet Store in New Canaan

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