Homeowners and gardening enthusiasts know where to go to shop at the leading garden tool shop in New Canaan, CT.

The Weed & Duryea Home Center has a rich history in the community dating back to 1868 and the family-owned business has been located at the same address in the heart of the downtown area for decades.

What sets Weed & Duryea apart from its competition is its unwavering commitment to providing top-quality lawn and garden tools and supplies, which makes every homeowner’s dream of a beautiful lawn and a productive garden a reality.

One of the standout features of our garden tool shop in New Canaan is our large inventory. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your journey into landscaping, you’ll find everything you need under one roof.

From durable hand tools like trowels and pruners to power equipment like lawn mowers and leaf blowers, we have it all. The wide selection ensures that every customer can choose the products that match their specific gardening requirements.

But our garden tool shop in New Canaan isn’t just about tools; it’s about providing a comprehensive solution for every gardening need. The home center boasts an impressive selection of gardening supplies, including fertilizers, mulch, pesticides, and irrigation systems. This one-stop-shop approach saves our customers time and effort, making it easier than ever to keep your landscaping flourishing.

One of our best features is our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Our team is composed of passionate gardeners who are eager to share advice and tips and recommend the best products for your project. Whether you’re battling a stubborn weed infestation or unsure about the right soil for your flowers, our team is here to assist you during every step.

Our commitment to quality at our garden tool shop in New Canaan is evident in the brands we carry. We partner with many of the leading manufacturers because of their reliability and durability so that our customers get the best value for their money. Brands like DeWalt, Toro, and Scotts are just a few of the trusted names you’ll find on our shelves.

We also place an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness. We have many environmentally-friendly gardening products and we are a valuable resource for homeowners who are looking to adopt greener gardening practices. We focus on as many organic fertilizers, non-toxic pesticides, and water-saving irrigation systems as possible and will help property owners reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining lush lawns and vibrant gardens.

We are much more than just a garden tool shop in New Canaan; we are a community institution that has been serving the people of New Canaan for generations. Our team is ready to help with any type of landscaping project. Call (203) 275-0812 to speak to a member of our team or do some shopping online by clicking here.

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